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because them hips don't lie

aaahhh break from drawing commissions......woooo

I dunno whats happening in the bg so don't ask....

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Hey, what program do you use for drawings? Awwesummm work!
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OMG she looks just like me.... but my hair is straight :D
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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very good work! the lightning is so good!
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Oh god the lighting in this. I just can't handle all the gorgeous and detailed highlights!
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Oh. She looks gorgeous.
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:icondatassplz: Don't Lie Either!
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I l;ove the pose and style of this so much! she reminds me one of my characters as well xD
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I love your lighting style. It gets me every time.
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I kind of like the ambiguous background, it's almost like you can make up some kind of background from her pose and the lighting, really cool~
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beautiful work!
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Very modern. +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav Heart 
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The background looks pretty noice if you ask me :) Simple and clean
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I love her hair and she's got nice curves as well.
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I like her body shape.  Very nice job !
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Nice! Love the light! (indeed the girl too)La la la la 
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Gotta love them hips :)
And everything else too, really.
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oh my gosh major cutie! Nice hair! <333
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Your painting technique is awesome!
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