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Private commission drawing. It helped me uh...."study" 

*cough* *cough* *ack* facebook *caugh*
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Spidey Sad Icon : Oh please, please. Be my Mary Jane. Please. Flower Heart Spidey But I'm so cuddly! 
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Beautiful work!!
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Great Art. Awesome
look very good 
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Very good drawing!
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im looking through all these pictures she sure does like boobs
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Beautiful! She reminds me of some of the girls in the cartoons that I watched when I was kid!
Red head love
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I love her hair!
Very nice anatomy, too; her expression is also done well.
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How long did you practice your style to be able to paint them...?
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This is rather nice. I like your color palette.
That and well... red heads. :P
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this really is beautiful, ive been trying to break into this more "realistic but cartoony" style and you and a couple of other guys have really inspired me. I just love the lines and the big eyes and the bright colors, it just makes it so much enjoyable to look at. Im still trying to figure out flesh tones and getting lighting and shading correct but I think every time i see you guys post something i learn something new just by looking at it. So really thank you for the inspiration :)
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that pose is lovely, thanks for posting!
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The pose reminds me a bit of the little mermaid, in Copenhagen. Perhaps it's because of her delightful red hair, too... Anyway, she's gorgeous ! Well done !
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i like it i use my friends at school hlep me on my faces and bodies most of the pic's are of my friends then of me
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"Private Commission"??? You get PAID for this???????
Hacks! I call hacks!!!! ;D
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I love her boobs <33
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Someone had to say it, I guess :)
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yeah true

i normally would have but they beat me to the punch
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Shame she has no ribs
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