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Late night Drawing for fun

Ashi from samurai Jack cause GURL u is BADASS

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This is fantastic!

Is it alright if I use this in an edit I'm working on, given that I credit you?

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farewell Ashi... 
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Awesome drawing of Ashi in your style :)
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Soo cool >.<

Love your work!! <3
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She took down an entire army of soldiers with her bare hands. Such badassery. 
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Beautiful work here! Glad you did this, it helps immortalise​ this great show
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Bitter Sweet that it's finally over
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so cute, love her
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Beautiful... just beautiful! What a fabulous masterpiece! Nod +fav Heart Love Clap #1 +favlove 
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She looks just too lovely.
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i love whats she's become 
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She will be the next zuko! (great character developement) Great portrait!
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Very beautiful portrait with an interesting color scheme. I also love to paint portraits. I am inspired by your creativity. Clap 
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Don't wrap your cancer into this show boi
That's great! May I repost?
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Ashiiii! very nice job, she looks beautiful.
She could take on 100 Trucks... Still alive. Approved -MEDIA EMOTICON- 
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I love her :aww:
very nice work
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Oh hey my new favorite character from an animated production....Tinkerbell!

< _ < > _ >

I'll just let myself out....
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EXTRA THICC!! But in other words nice work!
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