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Look pretty indeed! ^^

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very beautiful is she a lizardgirl?
is she an oc?
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the face and handgesture really make this picture

i could be a smile, i could be cold anger
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That smile! Adorable!

I love how she looks so tickled with happiness; that beaming, sweet smile and how tightly she closes her eyes, the way her shoulders are raised and how she holds her hands together -- everything so clearly has that vibe like she's making a cute squeal of happiness that she just can't contain.

I love the warm tones, the warm lighting -- I lvoe how her big, heavy, bulky tail wags behind her with a light, cute energy. I loooove her horns and her HAIR -- the way her horns curl up has this smooth flow, and her hair dances around her face -- I love the loose strands and how it gives her hair even more life.

Beautiful pic. : )
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Ah, she seems kind. :)
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This IS cute! ^_^
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Is she part dragon?

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The colors and shading is just so...Nice.

I love it!

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i thought franxxx for a hot minute
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So cute and huggable.~<3

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Woah cute dragon demon U3U
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So cute. Love her outfit design and the details you worked into it. 
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I found this in "What's Hot?" I didn't know the algorithm would take it so literally.
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Demon or dragon?
Cute either way
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I wanna have a tail like that oof

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She's so cute and cheery! :D
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