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From the hades game
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Elishjair's avatar

That is a hot goddess of beauty and love! 😍

Like in the game, she makes a great pin-up, although I miss her heart shaped curls a bit 😉

Chaosfive-55's avatar

O, Goddess of Love...:worship:

heromomo's avatar
snoogaloo's avatar

What beautiful curves you've got in this portrait!!

Unseeming's avatar

Beautiful work.

Also, more like Aphrotitte ! (That was bad)

Aphrodite626's avatar

Love it, though i'm confused as to why she had pink hair in the game when that's suppose to be a trait given to Persephone. Aphrodite is suppose to be brown or blonde hair with a Mediterranean complexion.

Fatonus's avatar

Pink hair isn't a classical trait of Persephone, either. That web comic you're thinking of isn't accurate to Greek mythology in that regard, and has no relation to this game aside from their shared mythological inspiration, in which no one has pink hair at any time.

CyanSoul's avatar

Pink/red hair may not be a classical trait of Persephone, but it is a trait she is given in many modern depictions; in Lore Olympus, in God's School, in Smite and in a lot of the fanart out there. Being a goddess of spring, and thus associated with flora, it makes a lot of sense for her to have red/pink hair. So Aphrodite626 raises a valid point here, and I have to agree with him/her: Aphrodite's and Persephone's hair colours should have been swapped in the Hades game.

Sinformation's avatar

! Great pose & colors !

LORDTyb's avatar

Great Zeus !!

jbwarner86's avatar

Finally, a theology I can get behind :love:

Dualmask's avatar

Gorgeous work...I keep hearing about Hades. I would have been more interested if the lead were female or customizable, but...the game sounds like a delight and if this is any indication, has some beautiful things to see too.

JekyllToons's avatar

I'm not a gamer, so I don't know this character... Whatever! She's really beautiful!

Aphrodite626's avatar

Aphrodite is a Goddess in the Ancient Greek Mythology, specifically the Goddess of Love and Devotion (and Sex but schools like to leave that part out). As well as this game she also appears in the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, though mainly as a background character to her Demi-God children.

JekyllToons's avatar

I wanted to say that I did not know this video game version of Aphrodite.Of course, I know the character from mythology! ;)

LePtitSuisse1912's avatar

She remind me Rider (Medusa) From Fate stay night ;-)

well job:hug:

Vader2222's avatar
A fellow man of culture i see
Morgasmus's avatar

I love your art, I can spend days describing and explaining things that it invokes in me. To save us both time, I'll simply be curt in saying that, I appreciate your work, thank you :)

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