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A cook

By Raichiyo33
Wanted to do a rendering of a sketch for practice before doing work.
Plus, y'know....butts

I'm reading the commission request atm and will get back to yall shortly sorry for taking so long.

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Fredoria's avatar
She baked her buns well!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Lovely! And tasty too.
zappa10's avatar
Grrrrrrrreat!  Such a beauty.  You are so talented!  Bravo!
Niininaac36's avatar
What’s cookin?lol
MrFidget's avatar
I hate to ASS-k, but what is she cooking? 
chatotalks's avatar
The souls of those who make bad puns
xa-xa-xa's avatar
Love this one ^^
joniehart's avatar
Are your BUNs warm ?
PyroTheBestFlame's avatar
0o0 she looks cute! I love the lighting... and her *cough* butt
ILoveIceAreas's avatar
Ghost-Studio-Devs's avatar
yes I understand butts
idleofwight's avatar
Your butts are wonderful.
turqoiseskelly's avatar
Of its a cook, I gotta kiss em
AberrantScript's avatar
Is it just me or are things getting really hot in the kitchen? Wew~ Amazing work! <3
DJdonjuan's avatar
Gosh dang it like every girl you draw I want to date XD but alas there cartoon women uggggg
SkyPotatoFire's avatar
mythrilmoth's avatar
Reminds me of Cass from Big Hero 6.
jobboe's avatar
Reminds me of Mrs. Incredible.
Vsieger's avatar
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