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A knight, succubus and Owl mage walk into a bar. Long story short everybody dies because of reasons.

Dunno if i should color any of these x.x


My  Patreon is active, but it's purely on supporting and very little "exclusives". Any support would be appreciated!

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God this is so good, you rock!
Cool character designs. 
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Can I ask you for your making of? I mean, what kind of program to draw you use?
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out of curiosity which is the mage the owl or the guy? because it would be funny if the owl was the mage and the human his familiar
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I now need to play that in DND
Slenka's avatar
i think my favorite D&D spellcaster was a really dumb sorcerer whose familiar was smarter than him
Slenka's avatar
DM did not fully like the setup as it allowed me to ask for the familiars opinion on things and since was smarter than the character could be used to get additional information out of DM
darthalex70's avatar
Ah well still cool and all
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Me encanta tu estilo de dibujo, me encantaria dibujar asi >u<
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Why the sin is always so attractive? Succubus is so cute! And the eyes of knight have... Something special. I love both! <3
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They are empty. She has seen some serious shit.
Stoys's avatar
love them!  specially her in the middle! :D great work! :D
lamontrobinsonart's avatar
Something about the knight is really striking.  I think it's the emotion in that one.  I'd love to see it in color.
FallenAngelGM's avatar
Astonishing work! :D
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i'm a sucker for succubuses, great work<3 would marry 10/10
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I'm honestly impressed to so that you've drawn an old man lol. No disrespect it was just unexpected. 
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So much style and life to all three characters, its stunning!!! Your art is trully amazing, I love it!! :la: :la:
fairytail195's avatar
the first one looks like pike, from critical role.
 It's adorable.
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These are really nice. Aside from the already gorgeous girls you usually draw, I love the wizard.
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Great work on all three :)
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The succubus has the best expression, Knight has best cloth design, and mage is doing some odd thing to that poor bird
Kim-cat3120's avatar
I love all of their designs! I especially like the armor on the knight!
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