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Full Reference Sheet of Aria and Ebony



He guys! I know I'm kind of on art hiatus and stuff, but I just got done with this school project and I wanted to show you guys what I did over the tail end of last week, this weekend and yesterday!

As you might know, I'm taking Spanish 2 this year, and this past week we (the students) were tasked with writing our own fairy tales (in Spanish) and illustrating them to practice using the two different past tenses, the Preterite (specific dates and times, e.g. I went to the store, I played this game, I was born, etc.) and the Imperfect tense (things that were ongoing, e.g. I was walking, I was playing softball, I was working, etc.). Fairy tales are a good way to practice those tenses, apparently. So, I wrote a story about a princess who was kidnapped by a wizard who could shape-shift into a dragon; as you could imagine this greatly upset the princess's girlfriend/personal knight guard. The princess managed to weasel out why the wizard had kidnapped her (turns out he just needed money for travel somewhere else so he could search for a job-who knew?), and she offered him a job at the castle. He accepted and flew her back to the castle where she was reunited with her precious knight while the wizard was put under supervision but allowed to become the castle wizard. The moral of the story? A) Good negotiating skills are a necessary thing for future Queens, and B.)Sometimes people just need an act of kindness to turn their life around and achieve greatness. You can read the entire story here--->… <--- in (probably really flawed but it should be intelligible) Spanish; I'm working on a better English translation but the original got deleted when I changed it all to Spanish and the Google Translate version is... really super flawed, to say the least. ^^;


You might be wondering: "Rai/Aimee, that's all well and dandy, but why is this stuff in the description of this particular image, and not in a Journal or something?"
Well that would be because these are the reference images of the aforementioned Princess and Knight from my story. On the left we have the protagonist, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Aria Bella of Sonaria (it should probably be a little flip-flopped with the 'of Sonaria' part but whatever). I specifically designed her to look very sweet and innocent because she's supposed to be a beloved, sweet little princess that everyone fawns over. She's very hyper and optimistic and tries to please and help everybody, a central character trait for the story (since she tries to help the wizard by offering him a job). She's also very generous (another key trait). Unfortunately for her, because she's so innocent and optimistic and such, while she's beloved she isn't really respected; everyone loves her, but in that "oh aren't you just the cutest little thing!" way, not a "I love you and trust you to lead the kingdom into greatness and prosperity" way. She hates to ruin her image by showing it, but those opinions of her are starting to get on her nerves. Since this is chibi style it's kind of hard to tell her age, but she is well into her 18th year and would like to start taking on more responsibility and respectable actions here, thank you very much. With her success in getting herself out of trouble with her kidnapping, she's hoping that this incident has helped show the people that she's not flighty and irresponsible (though her childish optimism may make it appear as if she's flighty and irresponsible, she is most definitely not) and that she can negotiate herself and her people out of harm's way. Whoops I accidentally made a fairly rounded character for a story that lasted maybe 10 pages. ^^;
Anyway, on the right we have Her Majesty's Knight, Dame Ebony Way, Commander of the Order of the Songbird (alternately addressed as Dame Ebony Way, DCB; titles based on the British way of titling. I used the title "Dame" instead of "Lady" as the title of "Lady" is, to my knowledge, only an Honorary title when it comes to Knighthood, while "Dame" is the true equivalent as gained by merit; British peeps and those who are super knowledgeable in this sort of thing please correct me if I'm wrong. ^^;). Ebony is a very driven Knight; she wants to be the best that she can be and is absolutely loyal to her Princess. She is one of the best fighters in the Sonarian Armed Forces, hence why she was tasked with one of the most important duties in Knighthood: Protecting the Crown Royal. The only thing that could possibly be more important would be protecting the Queen herself, or her husband the King Consort. Ebony takes this job very seriously, so you could imagine that she was absolutely devastated when she found she had failed her job and had let her Princess be captured, even more so considering that the two were a couple. She was very relieved to find that the Princess had successfully rescued herself, and probably didn't leave the girl's side for a month afterward, much to Aria's chagrin. Despite the kind of overprotective streak, Ebony is one of only a few people who actually respect the Princess the way she would prefer, and Ebony knows that the girl can take care of herself. It doesn't stop her from worrying though; it's her job, after all!

All right, so those are the two "true" protagonists (the Wizard being more of an Anti-Villain; is that the right term? I mean he's basically the opposite of an Anti-Hero, so.), in all their fully-shaded glory. At some point I'm planning on doing the Wizard too, but I didn't get his reference sheet done in time for the assignment so it'll probably be a while before I get to it. In the mean time, have a hella gay princess and her equally gay knight! :D

These characters, the art, and the story were all created by ME and are solely MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. YOU are NOT ALLOWED to use their DESIGNS, ART, OR STORY in ANY WAY, ESPECIALLY NOT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
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