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I tried to draw Clark and Bruce in good clothes. :D
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they look stunning
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I would love to hear the backstory behind the 'Come to me soon'
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Bruce is so dreamy ❤️
KITTYKAD's avatar
Bruce looks stunning!
mecha-dragonz's avatar
i love the style it's drawn in!
lengcp's avatar
Ur the most amazing artist of Clark n Bruce. There anime style suit them so!! Seen all ur arts in Lj loved the subway surprise kiss!!!:phae: Bruce is so suave.anyway am a big fan of ur artwork
moki411's avatar
I am in love with Bruce's suit! Pinstripes are my weakness abd paired with Bruce Wayne Amazing! This pic is so cool!
leapinlizards's avatar
meow....heeeeeellllllllllloooooooo super dudes!
Summer18092's avatar
You said it! Woo! They look so hot !
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omggggggggggggg they are so hot *o*
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:iconiwantitplz: Bruce is HAWT!
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:wow: Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wow thats great, realy ^^
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Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I mean, I would have favorited it anyway, just because of the general content but it's truly drawn beautifully! A real work of art! ♥^-^♥
Ani-Qo's avatar
Nice body sizes and great job with the clothes.
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
and succeeded! nice job; it looks great :heart::heart:
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bruce is the man!, and clark...well is clark
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Like this least you don't draw them into the BL/Yaoi (homosexual) style.(whew!!)

Hey, we know X-Men got the aieeyaaa shoujo manga version, so do you think DC also start the shoujo version of these Justice League?
darckdaemon's avatar
~ They're so hot in Yaoi! Bow to their omnipotent gayness!!!
ojamajomary's avatar
Well.. not all people can accept homosexual.
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