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Actionscript Visualizer v2.0.0

By Rahzizzle
MUCH more pleased with this version as it runs smoother, offers more variety and responds better in general to a wide range of music IMO.

Just stare into the center and enjoy the shapes that nature produces through its language of mathematics and entropy.

Hopefully it's not TOO overpowering on your senses!
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looks like it crashes when I try .m4a. which files are compatible?
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this is too cool! how did you do this?!
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It runs pretty smooth with me, but I have a little null reference (I use the debugger player). When I click a bit after the half of the seekbar, it freezes and gives a null reference: at SoundVisualizationTemplate/frame().
I tested with Still Alive from portal and My propellor from arctic monkeys, both gave the same error.

Except for that, pretty cool visualization, but maybe it's a little too "rough".
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Hmm, do you have hardware acceleration enabled?
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Runtime seem slow still to you guys? It honestly ran better when I was testing it locally then it is on deviantART :/
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It's much more likely to run slower in-browser, it will be dependant on alot of things, other than optimising your code I cant see many ways around it.

It runs at about 3fps for me on firefox, I can imagine it being amazing when running smoothly though, so well done :)
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yikes, 3fps! Thanks for the feedback =D
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