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creepy but beautiful. I guess it's living machine.
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This concept of cyborg would be used in the  awesome sci - fi games or animes XD
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For some reason this guy looks like he could belong in a live-action Studio Ghibli movie.
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Супер характер!
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Life is tough when you are 14 foot-tall grey beast made of blue-goo
Cronossra's avatar
I feel sorry for the cyborg dying >.<
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This is so Awesome !
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This is so creepy!
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Those. Things. Are . Glorious. O.o
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now that's an original idea for a cyborg. I like it a lot. it's organic and alien and hits just the right "creepiness" level that Sci-fi should aim for.
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вижу таких стильных "монстров" не у одного отечественного художника. Они относятся к какому-то проекту?
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love the concept and the quality
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Blame!-like cyber-dudes! +_+ Very very cool things.
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Yo this is good! Like the future of man. Does he transform?
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Love this weird thing!
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Scary Q u Q I love it.
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Ó WOW!!! Que conceito incrível...
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If in the future someone makes something like this I'm going to just curl up into a ball and sob, awesome though xD
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sir your creation's are of will glade for me if you make more such design so that i can creat my own concept by studing your design's
This is the nicest art  I saw on DA in a while
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