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Sypher36's avatar
Alien Shinobi?! This is the very definition of Bad-Ass
NoXV's avatar
i don't even know what this thing is, but it looks cool.
Adamantiel's avatar
It looks like that character that was in Hellboy 2.
AISUReimi's avatar
Looks like something that fits right into the Avatar Tuner series. I like it.
SabertoothDogfish's avatar
reminds me of warframe 
D-eTo-X's avatar
holy moly it looks 3d!
orin3's avatar
Cry forever  So beautifuul.
Sikkwolf's avatar
Looks like somethings straight out of Warframe. Really good work.
Lightybug's avatar
Your work has been stolen here:…

I reported it. Hope the issue is solved! 
MetalBio's avatar
It looks like a Felusian from Star Wars just all mutated and wigged out.
BnW-JACK's avatar
this is one of my favourites by you man, all your work is fantastically original
SaintOfTheDragons's avatar
Could this be... a Tenno?
Shaderp971's avatar
I can't help but think of Warframe whenever I see this.... Wonderful art! ^^
KTierson's avatar
I am a complete sucker for bio-mechanical hybrids. Neat form transitions and aesthetic. 
SemoSi's avatar
I love his toes!  And his downy hair!
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
dashahead's avatar
I would love to touch it hehe somehow
weremole's avatar
I love the use of colors and patterns here. It's almost like a mad jester without all the typical jester regalia.
crazy-pixel's avatar
what a amazing shape :D well done
Ghizbo's avatar
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