I don't mind if you add me on Facebook!
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But please let me know how I know you! www.facebook.com/reid.southen
Otherwise I'm often reluctant to hit accept.
You might be a stalker.
I don't like that.
Or do I? ;)

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By Rahll
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I added you on facebook. Or maybe I'm a stalker ;)
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I don't really know you, but I'm way too lazy to stalk you. =P
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Admire your work. Adding you right now.
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sent a request, name's Dagny. =3
Fractured-Visual's avatar
Added you mate, as under name Elliott Bruton
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I don't really know you, but I admire your work here, so yeah, I decided to stalk you on fb too.
You won't get alive from this :mwahaha:

lol added :)
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I'm not to ative on there at all, I'm not to big on social kinda stuff...
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I'll add ya! :D name's Michael Hemstreet :3
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lol i end up hitting accept without looking alot of the time >< i suppose i should be wary as well D:
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I just sent a request now on FB.
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
I sent friend request :D
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How is this a question? :lol: I'll send you one.

As for the stalking. Don't worry about it. I live on the other side of the world.
Frazzled-Niya's avatar
Sent request :)....XD <--- couldn't stalk you if she wanted to...No passport and no money =_= @ house mortgage
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It depends, do you have a cool cat like adonihs does?
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Already added you :la:
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I sent you a request... somewhere I missed sending a note with it.
I've been quietly following you on and off (when I remember to visit DA and actually have time to browse a bit) for years.
Emma Mitchell
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Well I've added a couple of artists through facebook.. like Dan LuVisi or Kekai Kotaki.. etc.. haha. they never asked how I knew them though... just accepted... lol

*adds* *stalking mode ON* haha

It's actually interesting to know what other artists do other than just art.. so yeah
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I'm that girl who you harass. About fruit and pee..............you're creepy.
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I've had really awful FB experiences with adding folks I don't know :| hopefully you won't have the same. or get trollolololol'd.
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haha :D everyone just knows.. you like stalkers, but then again, who doesn't?
jamesalexandermartin's avatar
pretty sure I just added you with no reason or rhyme, but you still accepted for some strange reason, ergo, you love stalkers.
happy to oblige :D
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I watch you here, I've entered your game contest, and you gave me 5 free games lol. Sounds friendly enough, and its interesting to see what other artists are up to. Ya know, other than making art.
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Heck I wouldn't care if people added me as a friend....I just like to know who it is first. I tend to get loads of spam friend adds on facebook. So it's kinda hard for me to tell who might be legit or completely bogus. Also I don't go by my real name so it is harder for people to find me....if you wanted to add me you'd have to ask me what name I go by.
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Never thought I'd say this, but I was a bit shy and hesitated to follow you.
Facebook is so private and intimate.
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