Did you download my brush set yet!?
943 votes
Yeah, pft!
No, gimme! fav.me/d31n3he
Nope, happy with my brushes.

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By Rahll
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ofcoure i do, before it used Adonihs brushes but then i just skipped to your, well i only use his hair brushes but i use mainly yours... still can decide with which brush to paint, that 1st or the 2nd one xD
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aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwesome brush! gona try them out soon, still playing around with making my own. Thanks for them
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Since I'm terrible at making my own brushes, and haven't dived into digital as much as I wish, I think they will become very useful, I'll try them out on an actual piece soon enough. :3 Thanks for sharing!
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Yes I did!!!! they are awesome!! thanks very much :D
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I usually like the idea of using photoshop for digital painting, but then when i start i get discouraged, lol. I may give yours a try, dont hope for too much though, haha.
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had them the second they hit my deviation tray.
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I had dan's set from last year I think.. and that brushset was epic. Made a lot of progress on some of my currently private projects. So when I saw that you had yours up for download I seriously couldn't pass it up. So thanks reid ^^
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I have Manga Studio and its gaaay i want photoshop o.O
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Really nice pack, man :) I`ll try them asap :)
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:nod: thanks so much man
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yes I did thank you very much
awesomes brushes :heart:
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They were most useful, thanks.
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Haven't heard from you in ages!
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Hmm, let's see, last thing I commented on was the Kick-Ass things, so yeah it's been awhile.

I can't believe you actually remember me specifically though.
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Course I do, especially since you make a mean Joker. AND, I helped you with your avatar!
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They're soooooooooooo coooooooollll
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dont draw on the computer :D X__X
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How dare you...
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T__T *runs out to the street to beg passers by for a tablet* hopefully ill get one this year sometime. until then, pencil it is :D
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I would have thought it would make sense for Deviantart to give you that sort of statistics automatically so you don't have to make a poll.But hey-ho, another day another badly coded deviantart. I downloaded it :)
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Rofl, well it tells me how many people have downloaded, but I wanted to make sure people know they're up. Deviations get buried in inboxes really quickly lately, especially with groups.
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Fair enough! Thanks for the brushes anyhow :)
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