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:star:UPDATE: New prizes added.:star:

Hey guys, time for a contest! This is going to be relatively easy and accessible so everyone has a chance, and I've got a ton of cool stuff to give away, so please read on!

This contest is going to be based around video games, because not only does it make for fun entries, but almost all the prizes are video game based. Plus, there will be 12 winners, so let's get to it!

I want you to create a videogame mash-up. Basically, take two or more of your favorite video games, and combine them into one drawing or painting! (3D work is cool too). So, let me break down the rules and guidelines.


  1. There's no limit to the amount of characters you use, but you'll need at least 2, and they have to be from different game series.
  2. They need to be relatively well-known characters or games. If you use something obscure, balance it with something else that's more popular.
  3. They don't just have to be the main hero or enemy, generic enemies or allies from games count as characters as long as they're unique to the game. Creatures also count.
    I.E., you can use a Helghast soldier, but not a generic WWII allied soldier. Or, if you do, you still need at least 2 other qualified characters.
  4. Make sure to place them in some sort of environment, preferably from a specific game world.
  5. It has to be made for this contest, and all the work has to be done by YOU. In other words, no direct photomanips of characters, and no using old work. Matte painting is okay for backgrounds, and so is using some stock elements, but don't just plop a photo in and call it done. If you have a question, feel free to ask.
  6. Only one entry per person please.
  7. And most of all, BE CREATIVE. I want everyone to have a good time and have a chance at the prizes, so it will be judged not only on skill, but most importantly, creativity and originality. Do something unexpected and interesting and feel free to use any medium you want!


To submit to the contest, I'll need you to upload your work to deviantART and make it clear in the artist comment area that it's for this contest. You'll also need to state which games it includes, just for clarity. Then, I'll need you to NOTE me the submission so I can keep track. Commenting or replying to the journal will not be accepted.


12 finalists will receive an original 22"x28" Gears of War launch poster.

From those 12, the top 6 will also receive a random signed 9"x12" print of my work.

The top 3 finalists, in addition to the poster and signed print, will each receive a 96-page  hardcover Dead Space artbook, complete with... 3D glasses, rofl.


1st Place: 264 page, soft cover Spectrum 16 art book + 2,000 dA points, in addition to the other prizes.
2nd Place: 2,000 dA points in addition to the other prizes.
3rd Place: 1,000 dA points in addition to the other prizes.
All dA points courtesy of DanLuVisiArt

Contest Poster by Rahllx12 Contest Print by Rahllx6 Contest Book by Rahllx3 Contest Spectrum by Rahllx1

Right now to judge, there is :iconrahll::icondanluvisiart::iconkatiedesousa::iconandreewallin::iconcataclysm-x:


The deadline is Saturday, December 4th, at 11:59pm EST. That gives you 21 days total!

Any questions, just let me know. In the mean time, get workin'!

P.S. I'm willing to front the cost of shipping for all the prizes, but if for some reason shipping to your country is outrageously expensive, I may have to ask for your help in curbing some of the cost, I hope you understand.

© 2010 - 2021 Rahll
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Oh man! This looks like it will be epic! :o
ledain's avatar
sent you the note :D
GDBee's avatar
This contest makes me melt with glee. :iconlachoirplz:
Gotta start working on my entry! :eager:
Ilaezha's avatar
...Is there any way the deadline could be extended another week?
Rahll's avatar
I'm sorry, but I can't. It'd be unfair to everyone who's already entered their work to meet the original deadline.
sweetieamy's avatar
i know this contest is over。But I'm curious about the entries. Is there a way to see them?
missimoinsane's avatar
Sorry to bother you. Just to inform you a new-ish group #AnotherContestGroup is now promoting your contest. Please be sure to join and let us know of other/further contests you’re holding or you know of. Thank you very much. Also please note our ‘Avatar Design; Win 100 da :points:’ ends tomorrow (25th November 2010). We also beg points donations to ~ACG-PointsDonations for contests. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :)
missimoinsane's avatar
alice-time's avatar

mash-up madness.
DanielFranco's avatar
Reid I have a question: It have to be characters born in video games? Or any character with a videogame is accepted in the contest. Because I'm thinking: Hellboy + Cthulhu :D!!
Rahll's avatar
I'd prefer characters that originated in video games, but any character that's been featured in one is fine. However, your design has to reflect the video game version for the most part.
DanielFranco's avatar
Reid, At this time I'm making a Hellboy + Morrigan + Cthulhu :D

WhitneyDewel's avatar
Awesome!! What a great theme.. I'll start mine :)
magicswordz's avatar
eh... working on final projects and all for school... you think might consider pushing back the date possibly?
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
I have other thing to ask. I know Ainmorphs was a book but that did make a game out of it. Can i use the alien in it call the Honk bajir?
Rahll's avatar
If the Hork Bajirs were in the game, then sure. From looking it up, I think they were featured in a PlayStation game.
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
Yes. I just never play it but knowing that were in the book that should be in the game. That are one of my fav aliens aside from elites. That most look like a elites too.
thierryclan14's avatar
awesome contest mate! def i will try
pounce4evur's avatar
God I'm so gonna lose. lol i love new games but i'm pretty sure I'm gonna do an older mash-up...
MODESTY666's avatar
this will be very interesting :D hm are killing scenes allowed?
weegee06's avatar
I have SO many ideas for this! Omg, that dead space book for my boyfriend X3 I definitely want to try stuff for this!
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