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Wacom Radial Menu, Nobody Uses It!

By Rahll
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I've noticed that a lot of people either don't use it or have no idea what it even is, so I thought I'd create this little tutorial/explanation so people can give it a whirl and hopefully improve their efficiency and productivity :)
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This is really helpful, thanks! I don't have the option to nest radial menus though. It only lets me have 1 radial menu per program. Do you know if they changed how to get to this? I am using the Intuos Pen & Touch, so it might just be a feature exclusive to the Cintiq, though. Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.05.20 PM by trecneps  
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Thanks Rahll.  set it to the pen click and it is a huge time saver.  Glad to see this tutorial.
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Jesus, I keep forgetting that I have it.
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The distance of every single click inside Radial Menu is so short, I'm getting quicker than ever before since I started to using this feature, it's very powerful. I don't even need to use keyboard, only when I need to type something.
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"nobody uses it" actually in some circumstances, its replaces my mouse
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some shortcuts refuse to work on the radial menu for me. Dont know why.
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uuuh gotta test this, thx so much!
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I'd love to use something like this, but I'm still using an intuos3 and I don't have the money to buy an upgrade.
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lol this is why I draw way too fast, not only express keys, I use radial menu as well. Shortcuts make production speed really fast.
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Wacom has Radial Menu?
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lol i was thinking im missing something here... but it's the cintiq model I don't have :P 
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I was aware of the radial menu and it's usefulness but was having trouble coming up with an optimal setup for it.  I will defiantly be utilizing this as a template, thanks for posting this!
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I do.

...and got it all customized n' $#it!
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I love the radial menu, but I have the small intuos, so the keyboard shortcuts are faster for me, since I'm using a compact bt keyb
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Yeah, I hear ya. I actually use mine in conjunction with the keyboard most of the time. 
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Ah, the radial menu, I know all about it but haven't use it that much really... that will probably change as I begin using my Wacom to paint instead of just touching up photos and stuff. :)
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ignore my comment. finished reading the bottom xD
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is this for all Wacom's?
I have a bamboo?
Or is this for the cintiq only?
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:D i'm still using a 10 year old tablet but I switched over the touch strip from zoom to increase / decrease brush size a few months back and even something as simple as that speeded up my work by a 1/3. Soon i'll have one of those sexy cintiqs to replace this old girl so i'll be sure to use this. Thanks.
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Something like this is damn near essential on a Cintiq Companion.
and here i was just using it for brush sizing
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Hint for brush sizes, hold ALT on your keyboard or tablet and move your stylus left or right without touching it down. That's what I primarily use these days, it's super fast. 
hmm, i usually just use the alt function for color picking, so I guess I never really gave it a shot
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Wait, I totally missed a step, my bad. You have to hold ALT, then hold the right click button on the stylus, THEN drag left and right. 
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