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I've been tinkering with this painting on and off for something like a year. For whatever reason I just never had the motivation to see it through, but I always liked the idea so I finally just finished 'er up. Still not entirely happy with it, I was just never able to resolve some of the problems I should've addressed early on, but oh well, can't win em all.

Large parts of it are definitely matte painted if anyone is curious, and for the ship I started with a low res 3D model in Sketchup and did a lot of painting and texturing on it.

Hope you like it!
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is this the bermuda triangle well it is awesome 
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I'd dare say the San Jacinto and that cutter rising in the background have seen better days. Brilliant work all round mate.
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sucks to be them right now
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So cool! I love the depth you get with the out of focus water drops. Neato!
May I use parts of the picture for a collage? I really like what you did with the water and it would fit in perfectly.
How did you make the water so realistic?!
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I;m just wondering how you do a water splash in digital painting?

anyway, NICE ART!

I LOVE it!! :D
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Imagine if this is what is really happening in the Bermuda Triangle?
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Hey there, just watched your review of the Cintiq 24HD at YouTube, thanks for that. I wonder if the 'touch' version is worth the extra money, what do you think?
Mostly though, I came by here to compliment you on the drawing! Pretty awesome stuff!
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Love it, this sparked me off, my imagination is running wild.
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Jip, I certainly do like it. The ship looks slightly blocky, but still great
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This blows my mind
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You need some dead people in it.
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ok now thats just fucking scary but i'll still fav it
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Amazingly done! ♥
Goood Work!

Have a look: [link]
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Woaaaah! O.O Amazing!
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Is this the piece you were working on when you did the youtube critique on the cintiq 24?
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Epicness is over 9000!
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