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Useful SketchUp Plugins (Mostly Free)

By Rahll
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I've been using SketchUp for a number of years now to aid in my concept work, and over those years I've managed to collect some additional plugins that I find invaluable. I get asked from time to time what I use, and I also notice people doing work who would benefit from these plugins, so I put together this sheet to help anyone who's interested. Below are links to the plugins so you don't have to type the URLs if you don't want.

Round Corner
Bool Tools
Joint Push Pull
Fredo Scale
Tools on Surface
Extrude Tools
Bezier Spline
Selection Toys
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Thanks for this list of useful plugins! Just learned how to use Sketch-Up in my interior design class, and I'm (mostly ;) ) loving it. Adding these will be a big help.
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Thanks for the very helpful ressource! ;D
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Ran into this without looking for SketchUp plugins but, man, let me tell you, I'm glad I happened across it. Great layout, good information and awesome resources. Thank you!
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this is useful thank you!
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Thanks for the information!!!!!
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Excellent list ! Must have plugins :)
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I have used sketched up and didn't know they had plugins for more features.  Do you have to have the paid version of sketch up to use these plugins or can you just used the free version?
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I've got the free version of sketchup and Joint-Push-Pull works without any problems.
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thanks a lot !
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'Thank you' is not good enough to show my appreciation for ur hard work to put all these useful tools together for us Designers *-* Thnk you *bows*
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Don't forget about Subdivide & Smooth, it's extremely useful for making organic shapes.
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Great resource. Thanks so much!
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Never used Sketchup, have used Zbrush and C4D, but this looks really good, are these for pro or the free SUMake version? and is there a big difference between them?
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Valuable resource. Thanks for posting. Excellent!
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wow what a great resource. thanks for compiling this.
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Many thanks! I just recently started getting back into 3D modeling and I've been using sketchup/ZBrush with little/no plugins for Sketchup, many of these will add functions that I've been missing for Sketchup, for when creating basic organic sculptures.
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These ARE invaluable!
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Thanks for the tip, very apreciated.
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These should be really helpful for modeling and artistic reference! Thanks a lot! :iconilikeitplz:
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