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This is the planetscape I made as the backdrop for the space battle image that I'll be uploading as soon as I get the all clear. The main image is for a cool little Asteroids-like multiplayer webgame that's in development called Rawkets.

It's a little rough around the edges here and there, being as I knew I'd be covering a good portion of it up with foreground and midground elements in the final, but it's probably not too noticeable unless you're staring at it full res like I do, rofl.

I just thought some people would like to see it without all the action, and maybe use it as a wallpaper. You can get them by clicking the download link, the sizes I've provided are:


Also, here are the ship sketches and renders for the main image coming soon:

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You actually drew that!
JasieNorko's avatar
Very Beautiful 😂😃
That's just a cop paste of coruscant
Pineapplecoker's avatar
I dig it GreatJob
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Dude, this is really cool! Thanks for sharing as is! :D
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"For Coruscant, in fact, shared its star-system with another planet, one that was much further behind in technological advancement. And that is where our story begins . . ."

I can just imagine a movie with this type of setting. Very well done!
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the planet in the background looks very very very close to coruscant to the point it could be an issue law wise for the game..
is that planet Reach???
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My favourite wallpaper, I have both desktop and mobile as background
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Stupendous art! :)
wait a second, isnt the smaller planet courascaunt?
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It looks beautiful. It almost looks like a photo!
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This is so dang AMAZING!
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This looks very much like Halo: Reach... a LOT.
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Curious, I never knew that Coruscant had a Sister planet
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I picked that up too
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I am impressed
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INCREDIBLE space shot, and I have seen thousands over my lifetime. Keep up the great work!
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