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Started as a cloud study that I was doing in my down time, but as I kept working on it I realized it could be a lot cooler, so I sci-fi'd it up!

Hope you guys like it! Also, I snuck one of my favorite ships into the painting, I'll let you guys figure out what it is. And thanks to `adonihs for his input on it!

P.S. Please click download to see the full resolution.
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Sir, you're the best!!!!!
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how do you do the clouds
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Amazing piece of work man. Share me your braincells.
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bitch looks like she's on fire??
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i am picturing myself in the smaller plane right now
i wanna cry
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:O!!! i don't have words for this. it's so awesome that i want to cry xD haha
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This is totally wicked!! The clouds envelope the ship really well, and the view of the city below is astonishing. Lighting is spot-on and the shadows are just right. Stellar!

Oh, and hope you won't mind it if I make this my computer wallpaper. :)
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One of my faves of yours.
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Wow man, this is amazing. Could I ask which program/s you use, and the size of your canvas on average? The level of detail in all your paintings is really impressive.
this is unique
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Best technique with best art sensitivity, you are a real artist man. A lot to learn from you!
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Hey is it ok if i use this for my film [link]
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I would love to see a print of this!
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This is the most detailed painting i've in a long time, perfect colours and lightning. Outstanding job, mate!
very nice probly one of my fav ships i seen on da
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This is fucking awesome. :P
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Haven't seen your stuff in a while, this looks awesome.
Your best wide environment painting ever, you're definitely kicking ass with perspective, brushwork and lighting.
Keep up the sexy work!
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I favorited this and your stupid thing wants me to leave a comment!! The things I do for you.. geez.
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that planet there looks a lot like coruscant
amazing painting by the way
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That is really awesome, I love how you did the clouds.
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