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Rawkets Sketches + Renders

These are my sketches and rough 3D renders for the space battle I'll be uploading this weekend. The final illustration doesn't really showcase the front of the ship at all, which is a bummer because I had a lot of fun modeling it.

It was modeled in Sketchup, and rendered in Kerkythea.

Here is the wallpaper backdrop version:

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WOW! Nice modelling! Even for a rough version, really nice work!
I grabbed the wallpaper too! Thanks!
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Please, stop being so awesome xd


Dat anarchist pikachu

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This. Is. AWESOME. Especially because of the SU modelling.
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Thats a pretty cool model, even more impressive you did it in sketchup.
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Thanks! It was a bit time consuming, but a lot of fun.
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I am surprised you even went to the lengths of making a model when your paintings/drawings are awesome and dont have limitations :)
1q2w3e4r5t6y's avatar
Definitely similar to the Sabre from halo reach
Rahll's avatar
Yeah, it served as a loose inspiration. The main stipulation with these ships was that they needed to be triangular, so there's only so much you can do with something of that nature before it's going to resemble something else that's the same basic shape. So instead of avoiding it, I sort of played into it instead.
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Thank you! It was my first time really trying to model from one of my own sketches.
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I have been wanting to try out sketchup and Cinema 4D, but man does school keep me too busy for that hahaha. Nice work though!
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Cool, I really like the first and second sketch. I used sketchup once and didn't like it but that was probably because I got schooled to used 3DS Max haha. It does seem like a nice little program for things you're going to paint over though. Can't wait to see the finshed thing.
1q2w3e4r5t6y's avatar
It resembles the Longsword from halo
ZhouRules's avatar
i wanna learn sketchup. people have done such cool things with them for it being free. all i can do on it is make a cube lol
Rahll's avatar
Haha yeah, Google has a ton of tutorial videos on their Sketchup site, super easy to follow, definitely worth checking out.
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Very cool! Is sketchup hard to learn? I've heard about it, but I've never used it myself... but it sounds like a decent alternative to all those extremely expensive software packages (3ds max, etc)
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Sketchup's actually pretty easy and straightforward. The only bummer is lack of rendering abilities, and even the pro version's exporting can be really finnicky. Google has a bunch of tutorial videos that walk you through pretty much every feature. That's how I learned it, aside from just playing around.

And Kerkythea is a pretty basic renderer (it's free), but it gets the job done for what I need it for. It lets me render out decent lighting to paint into.
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Cool, I just couple days ago started playing around with it. Nice to know that there are also some basic rendering possibilities.
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I wish I could do stuff like this
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