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Inspired by a number of things, Asimov's work and Mass Effect among them.

I dedicate this piece to =CaelestisTrucido, not only for doing this amazing piece for me, but for being an awesome friend and a great person.

Thanks to `adonihs for the help on this mofo, as usual. Kept pushing me to finish it when I was more than ready to give up and move on.

Also, I toyed around with this brush set, really great tech stuff.

Hope you guys like it!
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© 2009 - 2020 Rahll
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this looks awesome
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Haha! Realized the ME inspiration even before reading your description. Great job!
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This is amazing, fantastic piece.
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yup Mass Effect, first thing i thought when i saw this
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Epic design.
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There are so many details on this guy, It's almost more real than real, in a way. probably my favorite!
also, it reminded me of the billions of Protoss I have butchered. i feel sad now.
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this kinda looks like wraith from darkspore
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He kind of looks like a Protoss from Starcraft.
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Glad you didn't give up!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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This looks like the guy in Space Siege if you decide to go full synthetic.
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Great job, I gotta tip my hat off 2 you on this one bud...keep rocking!
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Hi there! You have been featured in my latest article Collection Features Day 1.

Please spread the love in the featured works there. And don't forget to fave the news article too! Let's make the news be exposed to the whole DA world so that they can see the very beautiful featured works of our fellow deviants there.

Thank you so much and have a good day. :hug:
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So detailed, so well colored an so Beautifall.
Makes me Wish i were a android with a Positronic brain and unbreakable metal bones instead of just a human *sigh*, humans suck(no offence).
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Added to "Aliens" Collection here[link]
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Very awesome work and nice job with this photo I like it alot. :)
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Hey dude I love all your work how do you do that and do you do it on adobe photo shop? My name is TheoRigas, well it's my user name please give me feed back on some of mine i'm dying for it.
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Stunning work, as is your entire portfolio. Your mastery of perspective, light, and dimension is amazing.
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