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NASA Study

By Rahll
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I decided a while back to challenge myself with a study containing materials and colors I find difficult, mostly reflective surfaces and white materials. I wanted to do it all by hand with fairly standard brushes, avoiding any kind of textures, photo collaging or color picking. I found a NASA image I loved and this is the result of that work. I could do more with it, but I'm ready to move on, hope you like it!

Should have some more original work soon. 

Original reference: here.
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Well...Of course it's great work,impressive, I've never done anything like it and doubt I currently could and all that, but from a strict non-artist point of view, you should probably sent this to NASA.
I've been on their website a lot recently and actually, I think they're quite likely to have some work for ya.
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Every time I come to check in on dA, you've improved as an artist. Always an inspiration.
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Nice photo ref, now, where is actual image you made. You wizard!! :D 
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Damn... my mind is now all over the wall behind me... I'm just flabbergasted...
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I don't even know what to say that would do this justice. I am flawed by this. I honestly didn't believe this wasn't a photo until looking at the reference. And only when quickly clicking back and forth could I notice the various differences outside of the lighting effects. So incredible. I find this more enjoyable to look at than the original. Damn it, every time I look at it I am baffled at how you did this. Serious talent.
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Amazing material and lighting
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wow, Amzing!
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Wow, hyperrealism. Very good work.
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This looks more real than the reference :O
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Wow, this is very photo-realistic, I'm really blown away by how well you've captured metallic surfaces, and the blurred effects on it, here.
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looks great light seems to be coming from space  it could use some dark spots but I shouldn't judge my arts shit compared to this
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Impresionante, realmente no parece un dibujo, parece una foto, excelente trabajo eh quedado sin palabras.
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amazing... so life like... still tryin to find the brush strokes!
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Reid, you're awesomesauce. Never doubt it.
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challenge indeed very nice so similar to the original
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You mean this was all painted? :o I find that hard to believe, it looks almost like a photo... I guess finding the right colors really makes something look realistic!
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metals and reflections look incredible man :O
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Did you use a greyscale or directly with colors? Amazingly well done!
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I worked directly with color, thanks a lot :)
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I'm really glad NASA put their website back up so you could make this. Whew. You killed it dude. No color picking and you got the whites really clean and realistic. Love it. Now I need to go see that space movie. 
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very impressive work.
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