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Landscape Sketches

I haven't submitted anything in a bit, partly due to Photoshop problems, but I had this sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks and figured I'd submit it.

They're basically just quick black and white landscape thumbnails, to give me an idea of composition and mood for paintings I might want to do later. They're relaxing and fun, and generally only take 10 or 15 minutes. Good practice too.

I might do a Livestream session soon and sort of walk through how I go about it. Just about anyone can pull them off pretty easily.
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Wow, this is great! I always try to stick to a color scheme as basic as possible, so I guess I should start trying with bgw as well.
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im trying to go with black and white sketch like this, so my problems are go on with colour from here. they are always looked not so good overall . can u visit my page taking around and give me some suggests?
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I was wondering if you did the livestream or have a copy of it somewhere? I'm struggling big time with environments right now in college and it would be a huge help!
Bearmations's avatar
Do you have a tutorial on this, or if not can you make one?
YouriVDE's avatar
really wanna try greyscale, good for locating the lightning! Do you use custom brushes or only the round ones?
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As a complete beginner in the digital art medium, Your work really inspires me.
Kapitulieren-Kairi's avatar
Sk-sk-sketches? *faints*
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My god i love this black and white landscape, it reminds me of some of Feng Zhou's work
step-into-darkness's avatar
hey dude, thsi is awesome.. did you use reference for these? your 5-15 minutes is my hour- hour and a half :/ i need to get a better hold of this techniqe
Psychoticmuffin's avatar
I love this! So inspirational! I bet you are super-busy, but can't you do a tutorial on this?
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I was hoping to do a livestream of it sometime soon, but I have next to no time at the moment. Perhaps soon when I need a break, keep an eye out on my journals.
Blackburnart's avatar
damn fine work, inspiring and good compositions
i-draw-sometimes's avatar
A livestream sesh would be fanatastic :3
These look really cool!
thewyteangel's avatar
amazing atmosphere you achieved it even without color!
vincenthasselgard's avatar
These are some great sketches :)
pitch-black-stars's avatar
I can't stop looking at the paintings. They look amazing for sketches. :)
Sheridan-J's avatar
Really awesome, dude :D
I've been meaning to try a technique like this for a while (painting everything in black & white to capture the comp/tones/lighting/then adding color after).

You have inspired me yet again :w00t:
Rahll's avatar
Rock on! It's a lot of fun, especially if you don't feel like doing any big finished work, you can still be productive and enjoy yourself.
Indy4456's avatar
Reminds me of Myst :), awesome work, you're a great artist
Rahll's avatar
I tried playing the original again this year, but I couldn't get it to run :( Thanks a lot.
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Really nice sketchies here man :D
Rahll's avatar
Thanks, glad you like them.
Carpet-Crawler's avatar
Loving the last one!
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