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Another one of the characters I was hired to illustrate for Molten Monkey International, who are developing a new action figure line called S.K. Omega.

This is Kira, and she's part of the Virus terrorist group, although you wouldn't suspect it! Hope you like it, got a ton more coming from this line.

Also, check out *7377's page, he's the guy behind the toy line. You can see more art there!
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dqubeHobbyist Digital Artist
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profutur1971Professional General Artist
Beautiful image ! ![link]
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crazytomboy18Student General Artist
I love how you drew the girl and the trees.
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Bluelynx6Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Asian, Dutch from Netherland, Australian, Russian and Romanian those Ladies make me daydream when I see them! ;)
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jeanpowerpuffStudent Digital Artist
amazing love your work :0
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Wow! Excelent job!
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BuffyPotterflyStudent General Artist
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BlackCherriHobbyist General Artist
OMG... Why have I never seen this before??!?
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BlackCherriHobbyist General Artist
OMG... Ive never seen this before!
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XercesProfessional Artisan Crafter
Nice job! Love the blossoms and the setting- so much detail there. Nice touch with the blood spatters too
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andrewmarProfessional Digital Artist
I don't know how to say this, but you should really look at an anatomy book if you're going to attempt a piece with this much skin showing. There are plenty of things that bug me about this piece, such as the foreshortening of her arm and the way her choker wraps around her neck. Women are supposed to be shapely, right? The entire length of her body is pretty uniform, save for her gigantic boobs. Her legs also look a bit shapeless and thin to be of any help to her when she fights. And it looks like she has six fingers on her right hand.

I'm not trying to insult you, so hopefully this isn't taken as such. Just picking out stuff to critique as you are one of the more prominent members of dA...
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RahllProfessional Digital Artist
Hey man, ~zeo-x brought your comment back to my attention, and I wanted to apologize for my initial response. I must've been having a shitty day, and I should've responded not only more professionally, but in a kinder tone. Your critique is totally valid, and I appreciate it greatly.

I used a direct reference for this one, and looking back now I really should have tweaked things a bit. It's just one of those photos that although technically correct looking, doesn't translate well to a painting when you can make dynamic choices and take liberties, and I definitely should've taken that into consideration before phoning it in. The girl I used certainly had a lack of shapes, rofl, but that's no excuse.

Again, my apologies.
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andrewmarProfessional Digital Artist
Don't worry about it dude. I'm also sorry for the harshness in my words; my sarcastic personality doesn't translate well at all over the internet. I guess I'm just more used to critiquing people's work on a more personal level where I'm not required to be the friendliest guy on the planet...
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RahllProfessional Digital Artist
:salute: I went to art school too, rofl, no worries.
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RahllProfessional Digital Artist
I appreciate your attempt at a critique, but if you don't know how to say something, then maybe you shouldn't. Your comment comes off as brash and insulting, not helpful and friendly.

Word of advice, any time that you feel the necessity to use a phrase like, "I'm not trying to insult you, so hopefully this isn't taken as such," or the much more comment, "No offense but..." then you should really take a better look at your wording and rephrase your comment.
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emersontungProfessional Digital Artist
Bro, chill. Marak's a really good friend of mine, and he's not trying to insult you dude. To be honest, you have to admit what he say is true. I do not see anything insulting in his post, and it's exactly how we would critique each other's pieces in school. This is called constructive critiquing. Not every comment that doesn't go "wow, this is cool" is insulting. If you just soak in people's praises all the time you're not gonna improve. I have a teacher tear pages of my work up every week. I get depressed about it, sure. but I realise after fixing those mistakes that I get better.
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RahllProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not disputing the critique itself, the information is valid, but when I first read it, it came off as kinda dickish to me, but looking back now I realize I was probably just in a bad mood that day. Not to make excuses, but the past few months have been a pile of shit for me, so I probably should've just chilled.
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JsheiHobbyist Writer
Your attention to detail is incredible. The wood with its scratches and splattering of blood... superb. Always love seeing work from you :heart:
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mindscapebdStudent Digital Artist
Whoaaaa, im so speechless, right now! The colours, effects, lightning, everything is perfect! She looks gorgeous. Keep up the good work, mate! =D :+fav+
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Man, all your work has blown me away at this point. I'm sure you don't need any criticism, but the figure just doesn't look up to par for me(I'm comparing it to your other work). The right hand looks very thin wristed, and the overall lighting doesn't seem to mesh with the bkg, nor really set the figure in space(2d vs 3d). I am very confused by the blade/sheath. The background is amazing, I just find the anatomy of the figure a little off. And when you are that precise an artist, it shows(imho). It is very hard for me to knock you at anything, so please take this with a grain of salt.
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