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Hunger Games - Mutts Interfaces

By Rahll
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These are some of the Muttation interfaces I designed for The Hunger Games. I didn't have anything to do with the actual Mutt design though, I was provided preliminary assets in order to put this together. It's sort of a quick shot in the movie regarding the mutts and the interface, and a lot changed, but hopefully some of this came across.

I did an initial 2D design you can see here, and I ended up extrapolating it into some 3D versions where things come out of the desktop like in the other interfaces. Hope you like it!

Also, check out *z-design's tech brushes, I used them a bit for some detail/texture, they're great.
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Lol, Marvel's picture is cute xD
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You made this? Wow I always loved these scenes in the movie because its so cool how the click and drop the creatures into the arena! :3
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I remember thinking how cool this was in the movie. Good job! :wow:
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WOW you worked on the Hunger Games? Bad@$$!
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Wow cool. How's things going?
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Congrats, it's a badass design
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It looks cool and good job, but I have have to say a part of the hunger games plot really annoys me. That the amount of effort, wealth and resources, just to do simply these mutated Mutt creatures to kill kids..the people in charge could have done so much better instead of this. I know its just a plot, but I feel its just too much.
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How long did you take????????????????????????????????????????????
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Woah! How long did it take you to do this? It looks so cool!
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Wait a minute THIS WAS IN THE MOVIE!? o_O
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when you do stuff like this, how much direction do they give you and how much do they let you make up on your own.
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It really depends, sometimes there's a only a general idea and you have free reign to do what you want within some basic guidelines, other times they can be very specific. I depends on the concept and how crucial it is in the film.
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fair enough. what about this film?
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Will you work on the next movie?
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I wish I had a temmplate of this (without the text)
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Wow this is just stunning. :D You do amazing art, very detailed! :D
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Looking sick man. I dig the easter egg.
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His self portrait in the bottom right corner. The same shot that was in LMS I think
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Haha, good eye.
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My life is sad and lonely.
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Niiice, that's awesome!
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