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Hunger Games - Control Desk



I had the pleasure of doing some of the design work on the control room in the movie, from the interfaces to the holograms and such. For this, I was provided a basic model of the set in Sketchup and from there I incorporated my interface designs and dressed it up with tech and holograms. Hybride in Montreal did a great job bringing it all to life, and it was fun seeing their tests and the final result. 

I spent a lot of time time designing specific interfaces for certain scenes in the movie, and while a lot of that didn't make it in, it was cool to have to think through the sequences and decide how the gamekeepers would create things and manipulate the arena.

You can read a little more about it here in an interview with my VFX Supervisor Sheena Duggal.

More soon hopefully!

Also, check out *z-design's tech brushes, I used them a bit for some detail/texture, they're great.

Here's the overall set:
Hunger Games - Control Room by Rahll
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