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September 3, 2010
Halo: Reach - Noble Six by `Rahll is jawdropping to say the least! Rahll is an incredible artist and it shows in every artwork he creates but this one stood out to me for its interesting mood and composition that manage to take you right into the scene! The intricate detailing shows how much love and care he's put into this fan artwork to make it what it is: marvelous! The rest of his gallery is a MUST see as well!
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Halo: Reach - Noble Six


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First Halo piece I've done in almost exactly 3 years. I'd been planning one for a while (not this particular one actually), and I got a push from ~AngelicLionheart the other day to do a sketch. A black and white rough basically turned into this in my free time.

Anyway, I approached this a lot differently than I normally do, and I've been revamping my artistic process a lot lately which has been nice. I've grown a lot since the last Halo piece I did, and I feel this does a lot more justice to the series. Really hope you guys like it.

Thanks go to `adonihs as well for his input. Take care guys!

P.S. I still plan to do one more Halo piece, a sort of farewell in a way.
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