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September 3, 2010
Halo: Reach - Noble Six by `Rahll is jawdropping to say the least! Rahll is an incredible artist and it shows in every artwork he creates but this one stood out to me for its interesting mood and composition that manage to take you right into the scene! The intricate detailing shows how much love and care he's put into this fan artwork to make it what it is: marvelous! The rest of his gallery is a MUST see as well!
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Halo: Reach - Noble Six

First Halo piece I've done in almost exactly 3 years. I'd been planning one for a while (not this particular one actually), and I got a push from ~AngelicLionheart the other day to do a sketch. A black and white rough basically turned into this in my free time.

Anyway, I approached this a lot differently than I normally do, and I've been revamping my artistic process a lot lately which has been nice. I've grown a lot since the last Halo piece I did, and I feel this does a lot more justice to the series. Really hope you guys like it.

Thanks go to `adonihs as well for his input. Take care guys!

P.S. I still plan to do one more Halo piece, a sort of farewell in a way.
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R.I.P Noble Six... Your efforts wont be in vain....

Considering what Cortana is trying right now, they may have been

I can’t believe you responded so fast

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Silenced AR? I approve.
TrujillomusPrime's avatar
Spartans never die, they just MIA
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Six, you are a hero.
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R.I.P. Noble Six.
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Noble Six Your sacrifice saved the human race. You and Noble Team will not be forgotten
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This is awesome! I am a huge Halo fan! Great artwork! Is Halo Reach anyone else's favorite Halo game?
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This is an amazing picture of noble 6. Perfect background too.
Pretty piece. Thought I'd let you know some-asshole is selling copies of this on amazon.…

looks like that company rips a lot of the art from this site.
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I wish he were still around.
According to Dr. Halsey he was the only real Rival to Master Chief.
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Not only that; Cortana picked him (Noble 6), not Chief. Cortana never explicitly states she chose Chief. Never. Her ability to cooperate with a Spartan was once tested with Chief (I think), but that was temporary. She never directly chose him, ever.

I don't think anyone understands how subtle Bungie has crafted Halo's storyline which is inferable even only by campaign cinematics' dialogue, without any terminals or books. Noble 1 - 6; they were all to die.. in order, from 1 to 6, despite Noble 6 being Cortana's actual "chosen one". Chief is 7 -- Bungie's lucky number, the real chosen one by (ahm) the Gaurdians, precursors or whatever the fuck

One more statement: Yes, 343i has fucked halo up.
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Beginning of Halo 3 pal ...she references times that she chose chief "they let me pick..." If you read halo The Fall of Reach then you would understand the whole chief and Cortanna thing.
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Too bad there's not many Halo Roleplayers. 
Would you happen to be one?
piemanpieman22's avatar
No. I'm a software engineer.
piemanpieman22's avatar
1 1 7. The two ones align with various symbols within the game. By symbols, I mean: there's two Mantle / Didact instantiations. They certainly are "Ones" -- and this explanation fits flawlessly with Halo's macro narrative.
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its true there were VERY few spartans that had the description of "HYPER LETHAL" and John-117was one of them, Noble ix was another and there was one other...i think he served with John...n I think he is one of the few that survived to the days when they formed the Spartan 4 program. cause contrary to the whole 'oh master chief is the only survivor' thing isn't entirely true...Jun (Noble 3) is still around when they made Spartan 4's. and so is the other guy who is nearly as tough as John...Frederic, that was his name Frederic-104.
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hmm, okay.
By the way, may I ask if you do Roleplays?
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