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Farthest Outpost

Started as a speed painting, trying out a new process to learn more and get quicker. Worried more about jumping into the flow and being dynamic and loose at first instead of over-designing things and getting too tight.

Didn't clock in at speed paint time, somewhere between 10 and 15 hours, but it's still quicker than my normal paintings. I'm sure I'll get faster as I practice more. I really enjoyed the change of pace and process.

Also, some of you might recognize the vehicle. It's based off of one of ~teemunkle's designs. Check him out.


Thanks to `adonihs for the input and help, and =CaelestisTrucido for the continued support. Also, big thanks to *AndreeWallin for convincing me to get back into speedies.
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Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
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Beautiful render, well worth making desktop wallpaper :D
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Silent Cartographer, new and improved!

Query: why is there almost always a giant storm spot whenever people paint a gas giant? Is it because it's a photo of Jupiter that's been transformed or force of habit in referencing our largest solar body short of the sun?
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Haha, I think it's probably because artists are always looking to add visual interest to things, and it's an easy way to put something extra that helps tell a story or give a better sense of scale.
theclever158's avatar
endless? timeless? SO clever....
InvizableDragon's avatar
almost looks like a mongoose and the silent cartographer
Roronoa-Forte's avatar
Very nice; kinda has a Mass Effect feel to it. :D
dart3rocks's avatar
SorefinIrode288's avatar
bad ass forerunner artifact
Atmost's avatar
reminds me Halo game, silent cartographer level..
purplejub1993DJC's avatar
:omg: That is one awesome picture
Rahll's avatar
Overlord-Zakaru's avatar
I have got to make this in Forge World when Reach is released. Awesome!
Freshbott2's avatar
This is incredible!
liquidsolstice1337's avatar
Holy. Shit.

Mad, mad props, friend.
Urmom12325's avatar
Woah simply beautiful.
Looks very Halo-esque. Great job buddy.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
:omg: you officially became a "Space Cadet" in my new News article >> [link]

Hope you like it and have a cosmic time!!! ;)
Igii's avatar
that's so cool work :-) I like Sci-Fi so much :)
scheherazadenerai's avatar
Jesus this is incredible. The water especially blows me away. May have to watch you!
ChaosAcidGrave's avatar
dude you the man lol this is my desktop background of my mac love it dude well done to you
Oliver-kun's avatar
Love this piece, from the sunset to the buggy driving onto the beach. Great work. :+fav:
Runway-Optimist's avatar
This just bleeds beauty. :heart:
All of the detail makes me want to pet it. Wonderful job.
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