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Down Under

By Rahll
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I decided to challenge myself to do a matte painting with only photos I've taken in Australia. Gotta be somewhere between 30 and 40 in there, I didn't start with a very good plate. I worked on it a couple weeks on and off, it was a pain at times considering I only have a Leica point and shoot, but I'm happy with it. Hope you like it!

Also, for those curious, photos used were primarily taken around Byron Bay, Mount Tamborine, and Stradbroke Island. 

Simple video step by step process here, make sure to watch it in HD! www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vbM8P…
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beautiful. nice job :) 
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Many greets from Europe to Australia!
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Ah, I see the Byron lighthouse. Nice one mate!
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Really awesome! The composition and the way you drew the water are great^^
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Beautiful scenery. 
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That's gorgeous
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Very soothing to look at!
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Have you seen my Bicycle ?
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Amazing work! I am in awe! Was the photo you started with the only photo you used?
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I have setup your work ...''Down Under'' on my site archproart.com
with your permission of course
backlinked to your page.
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i always place my own art on my desktop but this time, i totally took yours to look at and make me happy it is surreal in its beauty, it lifts my soul, waw, thank you
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Beautiful scene!
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Great stuff, really captures what's unique about the Australian bush compared to other biomes. Only thing that makes it seem a little less Aussie is too many clouds in the sky :D

Be happy you're not over here at the moment. It's so hot that Stradbroke is actually on fire.
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Haha, my fiancée lives in Brisbane and all she did was complain yesterday about the 43C you guys were experiencing. She looked like she was melting on Skype. 
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You make it look very fantastical.

In reality, it's kinda not hahaha.

Btw, how'd ya like the hippie capital of Australia?
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Beautiful as always!
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Amazing!!  And it's nice to see you back as well :)
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This really does look like it's a photo :wow: Beautiful as always, great job :iconbravoplz:
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This is lovely :)

GOD bless

John 3:16

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