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Put this matte painting together in my spare time, an hour here and there when I needed to take a break from film work. I've been watching a series called How The Earth Was Made, and it inspired me with all its epic geology.

I made a wallpaper pack for anyone who wants it. Because it's so wide, though, it might not be the crop you want, so I included a higher res version so you can crop it yourself if you wish.


Hope you like it!

P.S. Listened to this while painting it.
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An amazing and breathtaking scene! Congrats :D

Can I use this for ilustrate a short story from my blog? I'll give the credit to the artist and will provide a link to the art (:

Many thanks!
félicitation,vraiment un superbe travail !
New wallpaper! Great artwork :)
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What an amazing creation.  Looks so natural, yet so surreal.  Almost like something out of Skyrim.
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Beautiful image! Good job ![link]
Wonderful. Thanks for sharing that. I like to collect awsome pic like that one.
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I don't understand how you do this. It looks like a photo.
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Just to clarify, a matte painting uses photo elements. I wrote an article a couple years back when there was some controversy regarding matte paintings, so maybe that might interest to find out a little more about them :) [link]
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I'll check it out, thanks!
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One word: Beautiful
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Yeah.. Those four black figures kinda look like people
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There's a fifth, right and up a bit, almost on the same line
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I remember that series, though I never managed to see the whole thing :/

This is amazing though - the shadows and light make it seem so realistic, like a photograph :) Also, I don't know if I'm seeing this correctly, but those little figures in the snow look like people.
How in the world did you PAINT this?! Your work is absolutely outstanding. Amazing job!
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How you PAINTED this is beyond me, the smallest details are so freaking amazing, I can't even fathom this... Looks like I'm replacing my cute cat background with this. Amazing.
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