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Building Trot

By Rahll
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Another image for Molten Monkey International on their new S.K.O. toy line. This is Foxtrot, making a ridiculous Michael Bayesque escape. Hope you like it, rofl. More to show soon!

Also, check out *7377s page, he's the creator of the toy line, awesome guy.
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Vertical escape, right?)
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I love action in all it's forms, but especially when it's greatly visualized. Love your work.
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How's the concept art for Bungie's Destiny coming along? ;)
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Rofl, ask Bungie.
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It's looking good though!
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Spectacular movement!
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GOD SAKE. The composition and rendering are sooo beautifully done
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first piece of art i've seen from you, if I wasn't watching you before, I am now.
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like this one cuz it has pinks and purples and I'm a girl.
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the textures and details! how in the F*#(( do you do that! been going out of my mind trying to create effects so detailed. Damn photoshop! Teach me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fantastic composition and effects!;-)
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Wonderful set of details! love the colours and flying glass!
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Thanks, I've always enjoyed painting shattering glass. It's strangely relaxing.
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hoooooooooooooooo awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
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Man, Id buy those figures just for this great art!
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WHAT THE FUCK. This never showed up in my inbox!

Looks sick reidy, you're really getting better!
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this is just great!
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Teet? Boobs? What!
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everything! the colors! the scenery, shading,action :3 its so epic, beautiful and Perfect hands down!:D I love your art!
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