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Been doing a lot of commission work lately, and I needed to do something quick and relaxing to help loosen me up again.

Probably took around 3 or 4 hours, minus some little tweaks when I was done. I wish I had done it higher res, but then I probably would've spent more time than I can spare on it.

I've always had a soft spot for good space art, but this is really only my second time trying my hand at it. I'm developing some decent techniques, but one of these days, I'm going to give it a solid go and really spend some time on one.

Anyway, hope you like it!
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wow a work like this would take me months/ not even finish or get it to come out looking like this. looks awesome.
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I'd imagine this to be pretty similar to the aftermath of a Star Wars space battle!

Great work, absolutely perfect!
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Do you completely use standard brushes, or do you use special brushes? If you do, could you please put them up for download? Thank you if you do ;)
SnorkellingMoose's avatar
absolutely amazing! Immense detail! :la:
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I love sci-fi and stuff that has to do with space, so this (to me and possibly everyone else) is true-ly epic.. I can't believe you did this in 3-4 hours!
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Bye goes the space station :c and at least 200 or so other people... Oh well :D
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Tehe, once again going through your gallery, finding things I didn't notice before.

Only 4 hours...wowy! I would have loved to see that come into being in RL, just to see how such realism can be achieved in such a short time.

Anyway, the sense of depth and scale is just amazing here!
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absolutely gorgeous
at the rate we are going with putting satelitte's in orbit around the Earth, I would say that that is the way we are heading.
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amazing quality. I love the atmosphere. It's gonna be a DD some day ;p
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Holy fucking awesome. It's like a baby rattlesnake in hurricane of rainbows.
Allantsuki's avatar
I keep seeing your AMAZING stuff around dA



By the way, Earth's orbit is almost like that you know.
I have a planetarium and it shows the most important satellites around

Rahll's avatar
Haha, thanks a lot :) And yeah, there's a lot of space junk up there :\
Allantsuki's avatar
You're welcome

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THAT's depressing...
JCEvidence's avatar
Totally awesome!
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man, i wish i could work that fast. great work
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