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All But Dead



You say you're not good enough,
but to me you're beyond perfect.

You say you're not pretty enough,
but to me you're a supermodel.

You say you're ugly on the inside,
but no one could be more beautiful.

You say you don't want to be mine anymore,
but I don't understand what I did wrong.

And now your love for me rots away,
but mine will always linger.


Was talking to `adonihs about a portrait piece, what I could do that's unique and complex. He steered me in the zombie direction, and it just clicked, being as I'm a huge zombie fan, but never had the guts to try my hand at doing a real piece.

One of the things I wanted to convey with this is not just the undead aspect, but the idea that there's still something human about her, something that still pulls you in and creates a connection.

Many thanks go to `adonihs with his help on this. Without his input, it wouldn't be as horrifying or grotesque.

You can view details here. Also, you can see the reference I used here. I'm sure a lot of you recognize her from MGS4, she just seemed like a good fit.
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