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Aliens vs Halo

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The ultimate showdown. Consider your faces melted.

Over 50 hours of work, and a resolution at around 6400x4100, this one is my best work yet... and I almost died in the process. Enjoy you guys :D

Also, given the massive nature of the project, I'll probably end up tweaking things a couple times over the next week. Nothing major, so don't freak.

Detail shots here [link]

Edit: Yes, already an edit. Thanks to ~Andr-Sar and =Funerium, I've tweaked color balancing/saturation and a couple little details. Thanks guys.

Edit2: It's actually a decent edit, because I change quite a few things and messed with the color some more. A cookie to those who can tell me what's different from the previous edit.
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You can't beat a spartan !
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werelightshineHobbyist General Artist
Alien: Covenant.

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AngelOfDarkness089Hobbyist Writer
Now that is an interesting mixture. Halo and Alien.
I like the idea and your artwork looks stunning!
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Chief: Oh $#!t! I hope you guys don't join the covenant!
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let us study these magnificent bastards. face hugger would melt through his helmet to get to his face, because it uses its acid blood as a means of melting through obstacles (like in the movie Alien) the xenomorph could potentially kill Master Cheif with a backhand, you might think i'm exaggerating, but remember, the xenomorph is always stronger then the host species; i can see two xenomorphs, one man is no match for a spartan, one man is no match for a xenomorph. in regards to strength, but a spartan would probably be a match for a xenomorph i'd think the cheif would be roughly as strong as a xenomorph because of the augmentation of the Spartan program.

range wise, chief would win; range weapon to take them down before they get too close....unless they start spitting acid (only some xenomorphs can do this though, Spitters, some forms (subspecies?) of warriors, Praetorians)

close quarters, Xeno's would win; claws and inhuman strength, second inner-jaw, tails, acid blood. and ability to move about quickly an any surface.

but all in all......it's incredible
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I'd have to say MC would win this. The Alien doesn't have the strength to break through his armor and MC could kill it from a distance. The only thing the Alien has to kill MC is it's blood and even then it is a maybe. <=\
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Excuse me for asking but is it okay if I were to use this for a Clan Avatar on Steam?
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GUILTY-SPARK343Hobbyist General Artist
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John 117 takes this one
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FreedomslastflightStudent Artist
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I always wanted a Flood vs. Aliens vs. Head crabs (Half-life), It be to see which parasite would win.
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awesome crossover
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It would actually be interesting to read a novel or watch a mini series based on the concept of Aliens Vs Halo.
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rodent347Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't afraid of anything.
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WillieMangaStudent Photographer
This would be epic!
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Sev808Hobbyist Photographer
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TheDarkNeonHobbyist General Artist
Money's on the cheif!
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NoodleArtistStudent General Artist
Mother of god...
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Ellis-Jaeger General Artist
Mother of god...
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vampirekingroxisProfessional Digital Artist
There are few words to describe how awesome this is!!
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Chief: Hug this B*tch!
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cfowler7-SFMHobbyist Digital Artist
best Aliens vs Halo I have ever seen! :jawdrop:
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