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Wind Rider Scroll

By RahlaWolf
The Wind Rider  <--- original artwork

With Shaddie-floof's permission, I created this "scroll-like" manipulation of her commission for Rainbow Chaser ( I created it for the library section of the roleplay community

A Wind Rider is soul-bound to a Wind Spirit.  A Wind Spirit originates as a small part of a large being of CHAOS known as the Ephret.  The Ephret is the essence behind ALL Wind Spirits... from the single Named and Soul-Bound Wind Spirit to the mighty LEGION that is bound to the Dark Master.

The metaphysics behind the Ephret, The Dark Master, and the Wind Riders is reeeeeallly strange.  I inherited the role of The Dark Master and an Ephret from The Wolfsbane, so half the time I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing!

scroll texture:  Old Scroll Texture II
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