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Lupus Regni - Rah'la (The Wolfsbane) and LEGION
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Rah'la is supposed to have wings, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't photomanip any onto her correctly.  So, she'll just have to go without them. 

Rah'la is a character on the literary roleplay site Lupus Regni.  She's an Angel-Demon hybrid with two souls.  The Angel tends to keep control of her body, but she is childish and mercurial.  She was initially created to play with anyone and anything.  She is both Light and Dark, and she became a sort of "ambassador" in that community.  She met sooooo many different types of characters because I could put her anywhere at any time.  But... her dual nature caught the attention of a NAMELESS Deity who had been banished from the Realm long ago. Rah'la was manipulated by a Wind Spirit who drew her to NOWHERE.  There, THE NAMELESS pit her against a vast, intelligent being of ancient, alien CHAOS.  An entity known as an EPHRET.  Soon, Rah'la will exert her obstinate will over the Ephret and become the Realm's new Bane of Wolves. 

The new role she will be filling has a long, intricate history.  The Wolfsbane has been played by a single person for almost 15 years and now he's passing the role onto me as Rah'la.  It's a long, cursed path, and I have no idea where it will eventually take her. 


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