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If anyone is interested, I am now also on tumblr.I am a dummy! 
That doesn't mean that I will stop posting on DeviantArt.
I will just use both from now on. deviantART Tumblr Icon 

My Tumblr:

I've started to make a comic, which is called Solar System.

It's about (you guessed it) our solar system, but I gave every current known planet its own personality.I am a dummy! 

It's not supposed to be realistc or informative and doesn't have a real story or something!
There will be short comics, which are always about random stuff. So there won't really be a Page 1, 2, ... ect.

By the way, I won't just stuck with the current planets of our solar system. I'm planning to add some more
characters, like Black Holes and Asteroids.

Please don't expect me to upload a new "page" so often for this comic, because I make this comic quite spontaneously.
There will be times where I do upload multiple "pages" and there will be times where I don't.lazy walking :happybounce: