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My Bio
(BLaw) Marvel Modder for 8+ years. Made skins for Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends 2 and still doing it as a hobby. Before that some simple skins for Unreal Tournament.

I have very little modeling experience. I typically use 3ds max for skinning purposes.

My disclaimer:
I am using base models and textures ripped from games and modify the textures and rerig the models for Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I do not claim any credit for the models nor the base textures, just for the modifications. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that's being put into the base materials. If it is not OK to have these up on this or the marvelmods website, feel free to contact me with proof that you are the author/creator of the original content and I will take it down.

With that being said, I won't sell any of my stuff, never have and never will. I do all of this for fun as it's my hobby and keeps my mind of stress and whatnot.

Favourite Movies
Avengers (2012), Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite TV Shows
Recent: Agents of Shield, The Strain
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, GIMP, 3ds Max

The first steps

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I feel rather stupid for not having used DeviantArt since I started skinning for Marvel Mods. Better late than never,right? Skinning is my hobby and if I can believe the feedback given by people who used my skins then I am doing a great job at it. For me it's not about doing it great although I would like to be a pro ("if you turn your hobby into your job then you won't ever have to work again"), but it's for the fun of it. And also being able to play with what I created; that brings me joy. If others have fun with my stuff; even more joy! I will be posting pictures of skins here. Won't take credit for any models whatsoever, just the reskin
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Do you know Devilman Lady (sometimes just called Devil Lady), it's an anime and i think it could make a good crossover with X-men

Devil Lady was a manga from Devilman's franchise first but has been later adapted as an anime. However the anime version story is far different compared manga version's one (but it's better in my opinion).

here the anime story (WARNING SPOILER):

Jun Fudo is a pretty model. She also has a dark secret that even she doesn't initially know about. Within its DNA resides a gene leading to the next evolution of the human species, "Diabolic Beast Syndrome" (DBS), also present in the blood of beastly super-humans terrorizing the city. Unlike them, Jun manages to retain her sanity and is then recruited by the mysterious Lan Asuka, a member of a secret government organization used to control and eliminate devilbeasts that attack humanity. Jun, now also known as Devil Lady, then sets out on a quest to exterminate her fellow beasts. However, it is difficult for her to maintain her will to live in this situation that she never chose.

here some detailed description of the devil beast syndrome (DBS):

Although the devil beast gene can lie dormant for several years, once it breaks out there is no cure for it. People with devil beast gene end up turning into monstrous creatures with superpowers and incredible resilience, but lose their inhibitions , turning violent. Changing into a devil beast bring a strong feeling of freedom and power so the infecteds follow their repressed desires and emotions without any care about consequences (in worst cases, they even become mindless predator). The transformation seems to be done in connection with the personality of the victim (a swimmer will transform into a beast with fish features for example). Those who sufficiently retain their human faculties can choose when and how they transform. In addition, powerful enough infected can use the Giga Effect which gives them even more strength and makes them grow to the size of a building. Subsequently, while the syndrome is widespread, we learn that it is not transmitted by a virus, but by sensory data. Simply exposing a dormant beast's five senses near another devil beast is enough to trigger the mutation. Also, the more time a infected person spends in the presence of an evil beast, the more similar their transformation will be. However, it is found that simply developing the devil beast gene is not enough to transform into a bloodthirsty beast, and that those whom Jun was forced to annihilate were only individuals who have surrendered to their desires after their change. At the end of the series, we learn that the beasts are simply the inevitable next step in the evolution of the human species. The idea that this change is negative gradually fades away and the story ends on a positive note when Jun walks past two girls with tails playing together.

Could you watch the anime in some streaming website, trust me it's a very good serie and short (only 26 episodes). It would please me to have your opinion on it

AND SO i think it would be great a crossover devil lady anime/ x-men evolution (2000-2003) since mutants and devilbeasts are similar

i was thinking about Devil Lady characters in the same universe of X-men evolution, while the mutants proliferate in the Amrerica, the devil beasts multiply in Japan, the japanese government hide devil beast existence to the rest of the world in order to not show weakness to the other nations

Then Satoru, the leader of the supremacist devil beasts decide hears rumor about powerful mutants in USA, he decide to send some of his henchmen here to bring new allies

The japanese government fear that the existence of beast could be revealed to the world, they entrust Human Alliance to prevent this, Asuka and Jun go to the united states

After many circumstancesn, Jun discover the existance of the X-men and how some Professor Xavier help the mutants, she decides to meet him, hoping he could help her

I would love Jun Fudo meeting professor Xavier to find a way to control her powers or Magneto recruiting devil beast in his organisation

With the passage of time, Jun would creates bonds with the mutants and follow character development as she become an ally of them

I think she and Wolverine would have some very touching talks, with Wolverine helping her get everything into perspective. Rogue would have a lot in common with her too, since they both have powers they can't fully control.

It would be fun the first time the x-men see Jun reverse back to human and see her naked

Beast (the mutant teacher) could feel empathy to Jun since he crossed a similar situation to her

how the meeting between the Heavenly Gate Gang and the morlocks would look like ?

Jason Bates and professor X could be in good terms in the start, Xavier would ask help from Bates to learn more about Devil Beasts but he would disaproove the violent way of thinking of him

Magneto would teams up with Satoru and together, they would be unstoppable but Magneto would despise Satoru's sadism and sooner or later betray him( i think ?)

Devil Beasts could be the ancestors of mutants, like prehistoric mutants and so their elder genes survive until modern time and try to be dominant again.


So...the folks over at MM have found a way to increase the MUA roster to 33 playable characters! I suggest you go check it out!!

Happy Birthday  Marvin (BLaw)! I wish all the bests, and Odin father of all bles you hahaha XD
Thanks for the fav ; *** Have a nice day!
May i reupload your Sabretooth pack? But there's a lil bit change & missing in that