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Bionicle MOCs: Kromo Goblins

I liked that head design so much that I decided to make it ten times! Notably the Vahki leg piece that acts as their skulls only comes in ten colours, so I couldn't make any more even if I wanted to.

The Kromo Goblins are a cave-dwelling community of goblins, and are as follows:
The Tinkerer (dark blue/blue): A solitary character who likes cogs and mechanisms. He has experimented with the pieces on his own body.
The Bladesmith (dark red): The Bladesmith is the resident weapon maker who obsessively carries those fin pieces everywhere.
The Pirate (gunmetal/silver): Having been injured in a fight, the Pirate now has an artificial arm and is plotting to overthrow the Chief.
The Punk (white): A rebellious troublemaker whose hairstyle (helmetstyle?) seems to change on a daily basis.
The Cook (red): Lazy and overweight, the Cook serves everybody's food in complete greasy, tasteless misery.
The Chief (black): Brave and strong as any leader should be, the Chief rules over the goblin community.
The Guard (green): The Guard is the local policeman, gallant and lawful. He spends most of his time dealing with the Punk.
The Wanderer (brown): Hunchbacked and mute, the Wanderer's background is a mystery to the rest of the group.
The Elder (light blue): The source of all goblin knowlege (which isn't much). The Elder is also the resident medic.
The Grunt (grey): Dull in both colour and intelligence, the Grunt tends to the menial tasks without much complaint.

I'm really happy with how these guys turned out! It was very fun inventing designs and characters for them all, particularly when the only thing connecting them was the head design and the mostly-uniform colour scheme. The Punk is one of my favourites - I feel like he's got so much character, and the point about his hair is that the Kopaka mask can rest in any orientation, really. So, which one do you like most, and why? :)

Bionicle (c) Lego
Designing, building, photography (c) Rahiden
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I feel like if you kept it to nine, you'd have a nice D&D-style alignment group here. XD Fun descriptions!
I admit some of the headpieces don't assimilate as well as others (distracting eyeholes on the tinkerer and pirate, some staying close to the eyes while others seem just plopped atop the head), but they're all good nonetheless. Fantastic idea of making the Akaku set off-kilter, we don't get to see that done very often, and it works really well. I think the variation in feet was a bit unnecessary and the spiky feet doesn't fit the Elder well... Even after reading the Wanderer's description I don't understand the mask he's holding... But these are my only critiques, everything is well thought out, very creative, and quite fitting from one goblin to another. Nicely done. ^^
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Love these designs!
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 I like how the groups individual designs really emobody their concepts as you laid them out. They rattle off like a party or multiple who's work together or against one another depending on the situation. I look forward to what you do with this lot going forward.
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It's like the zodiacs!
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Goblins! And they even look like they've got eyes and a little knobby nose! The profiles are pretty interesting too. 
Btw, what kind of component did you use for the chest of "The Cook" (second row, second from left)? I think I might like to use it in the design of my own MOC sketch. 
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Eheh, I adore these little buggers. Coming up with bios was a lot of fun! The Cook's belly is a Hero Factory hand armour piece which I got from the set Raw Jaw:…
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oh,you got more,nice
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Haha, so glad to see more. These guys are really quite a lot of fun.
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I really enjoy these!!  I miss the old 'original' Bionicles, and these have the classic feel to them.  I also love your descriptions!  Keep it up!
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Thanks very much! :D
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The Wanderer is my favorite. The touch of green is really nice on him
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Lovely little miniMOCs with a good dose of potential :)
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That is great.
Army building for the win!
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These designs contain an amazing amount of character :D :D
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I still love the designs for the heads the most
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Are... are those balljoints their noses? And the little knobs on the side are their eyes! I'm never going to look at that piece the same way again. :o
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Grey! What happened!
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I was experimenting with anatomy ^^; I agree that they seem a bit off, but it does make him look slightly deformed, which is why he's the lowest-ranked.
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He SERIOUSLY needs a chiropractor.
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I like the character that they have, both as a group, and as individuals. I'm looking at you elder Goblin.
I'd also love to see the rival gang. Whenever you have some free time that would be a fun project to mess with.
Also, what is the relevance of Kromo? Is it alluding to their colorful nature?
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