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Bionicle MOC: Bunny by Rahiden, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Bionicle MOC: Fissure by Rahiden, visual art

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My Bio
Hello there, and welcome to my deviantArt page. My name is Aiden.

My gallery mainly consists of things I've created using Lego Bionicle and Hero Factory, known as MOCs. You'll also find satellite projects like my webcomic Hero Faffory, stopmotion animations, and the occasional biro drawing too.
I enjoy writing blog entries, for which you can find a directory further down this page.

:bulletred: What is a MOC?
MOC stands for My Own Creation; it is a term used to describe models made using Lego pieces but designed by the owner, so it is not an official Lego set.

:bulletred: Can you make instructions for your MOCs please?
I don't do instructions, sorry. This is partly because instructions take a lot of time and effort, and partly because I have learned that work on the Internet is all too easily stolen.

:bulletred: Do you have a YouTube account?

Other Occasionally Asked Questions
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Yeah, it's been a while. My last activity on here was in December 2016; how time flies. I've done a lot of things in the last three years, none of which (I'm afraid) was deviantArt-related. I had other stuff to do, you know? I graduated from university with first class honours, got a job as a civil engineer, realised that concrete wasn't for me and became a software engineer instead. I went from coxing to rowing to coaching at my boat club, played for my college's first badminton team, and ran three half marathons. I sang solos in concerts that I organised, played in the university's most prestigious orchestra, and taught myself to play trombone. I became an event photographer and photographed three weddings. I spent almost a month in Japan, swam with dolphins, bought a car and promptly got on the receiving end of a crash (thankfully uninjured). I've been in two relationships, neither of which lasted more than five months, and I've lost count of the number of times I've been turned
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This journal is in two halves: the first is a life update, and the second is about MOC groupshots. :bulletblack: It looks like I’ve done a reflection journal every other year, going off two data  points (let’s not delve into pre-2011 Rahiden, shall we?). I’ll keep it brief. On the whole, 2016 was… eh. Neutral. I think we can all agree that 2016 was a bit of a shambles globally-speaking, though the repercussions have yet to make any tangible impact on my personal life so I shan’t let that bother me. On paper you could argue that my year was pretty substantial: I got a good grade in my exams this year, I dated a
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Quick update journal! As you've probably gathered, university has brought my deviantArt activity to a virtual halt; this is the first journal I've written in almost a year, and I've only made one MOC so far in 2016. This is more of a statement than an apology, I suppose... Bionicle is towards the bottom of my priorities list now (below academics, many extracurriculars, and maintenance of a sufficient social life) and that's just how it is. There's material for a future journal on the topic of Guilty Sadness but I shan't make any promises about whether it'll come into fruition. Anyway, the main point of this journal is to say that I won't be
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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday from Hungary again!
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Happy Birthday!