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Aquaman RAHeight Style

Currently over at the YSR Message Boards all of the members get together monthly and do theme pics. This month it is JLA members. Spyda is doing Hawkman, Adrian is doing Green Lantern, Ragelion is doing Batman..I think...and I decided to do Aquaman. All YSR JLA pics will be colored by our resident color phenom, Atom Basher!! I have a pencils only version as well..but will only be at the YSR boards.

I chose old school Aquaman at the advice of a good friend (he knows who he is). He said if you can make that look cool..then you did good.
Hope you guys dig it.
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Very nice! I like it. :stormtrooper:
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phenomenal, and super original. really like your style. love how the water (background) is off-centered. something about the way you set that up makes the character pop. well done.
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aquaman is underestimated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's my english assignment :3 other heroes can get stuffed! do they rule underwater kingdoms? no. have they ever held off an alien invasion from underwater? no. seriously....
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Awesome. Great piece.
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Perfect drawing character!
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Love me some Aquaman, and this is very cool!
I'm a huge Aquaman fan, so when I found another piece giving him the respect he deserves, I was pumped.
Great work, great pose, and I'm glad you went with his real costume. Great work!
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awesome attention to detail here.... nice rendering, great colours and line work
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awesome love the coloring
hayawatta's avatar
hell yeah i dig it,awesome work
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hey this is awesome!! love it.

i also love ur gallery, u seriously have some talent.

i was wondering if maybe u could stop by my gallery and give me a few pointers. it would really be an honor to hear from you.

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Some people say Aquamans a loser but he has great potential when in the hands of a good writer and a good artist. This is Aquaman done by a good artist. I'm gonne fav this'un.
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excellent work, I love Aquaman, my friends raz me for it but I defend him...
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Me too. Aquaman is great!
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In mind of Homer Simpson "work it.... WORK IT!!
Nice job and a fav for sure!!
Dragon "Keith" Huntr
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Wow ... really wow! I recently did an Aquaman piece which is on my gellery. But seriously this is good awsome pose, great facial expression and texture. It's great! He is the king!
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Ok.... I'm an Aquaman fanart collector, so this goes to my faves. Great job!!
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Beyond good, very nice!
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that is exelent did you do all of that
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