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RIS Impressionistic Brushes


Really like Impressionism and always wanted to have some brushes to paint in that way, but could not find any – for free that is (!!!) – so I made a few myself, I hope you like them and use them in your projects.  A few pencils, pens and several impressionistic brushes or should say Tool Presets! To install these, please unzip and from Photoshop – tools, go to load tool presets and load them.  If you cannot see them – see that “current tool only” is not selected at the bottom.  Made in Photoshop CS6, so should work in CS6 and above, not sure about CS5.  Please feel free to use them and no credit is required in any case.  Would love to hear from you or see how they are used. Enjoy!

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Amazing! oh my god your brushes is awesome ^^i should find you soon, many many people need your brushes, can you share video or tutorials how you make this? thank you so much!!!have good day,

my friend!

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these are so lovely and quite interesting! thank you so much for sharing!
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These are absolutely incredible! Such a joy to use! Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone :D I really like Impressionist style!
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You are always welcome.  I hope you can create wonderful things with them and share with us and the world.  Stay blessed!
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These are fantastic. Thank you so much! :)
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Missed you comment - actually wrote a reply but wrong column!!!  New, you can know!  Thank you very much for the appreciation! 
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You are always welcome!  Thanks for the appreciation!
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