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I found it.

We are the dreamers behind the masks, but these... these are the masks. Or, well, a couple of them, anyway. :paranoid:

KB and Kim, yesh.
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Now here's a question.
Why am I in your guild and you in mine? Have we both abandoned our own guilds? I mean, this was made before you could choose what to represent and whatnot and everything!
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They be good masks. I always liked these. 
I've just discovered that I may never have been to your dA. 
I should really stop wandering about your places and go do something. You are really bad for my... doings. Yes. Shame on you. Or me. Shame. 
Actually, I'm too lazy for shame. Let's just drop it and eat muffins. 

The deer is the best part. 
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For some reason this picture is funny to me. Perhaps it's the deer in the background...or the title "Banner of Pie"


Anyway, it's great.
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I figured, if I made a guild, that would be what I would call it - a Banner of Pie, under which the members would unite.

Then I went and made a guild and named it Simulation and Simulacra. :doh:

The deer is the best part, no? :D Thanks.
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