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Flipdown Clock Beta

Hey guys!

Did some freaky stuff for my Win7, an animated sidebar gadget in Javascript with jQuery!

On Vista with small size adjusted it throws a bar under the gadget. :(
Looks like Vista Gadgets need a minimum height... maybe i fix some day when im bored as hell ;)

Suggestions, critics and bugreports are welcome!

hopefully fixed stuck problem on some machines

fixed theme selection

pixel scaling fixed...
doubleclick now works on custom size

Mucho new stuff...:
12/24hours toggle...
Animations on/off...
Scalable in pixel...
and lot of code redone
Added theme_example with an photoshop document and photoshop action
© 2011 - 2022 Rah2005
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If we could change the font, that'd be awesome.
I think the numbers are too fat.
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looks maazing. alot of customization aswell
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thanks... i hope this is working for you... got some error with the sidebar rendering after some hours :(
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love it but 12/24 hour toggle isn't working for me
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Its a bug.... need to look into this....
Sorry for the late reply... :(
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No worries. Thanks for letting me know.
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very nice, good job my friend:)
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You're welcome my friend :)
very nice clock
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Thanks... im glad you like it! :woohoo:
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This is sooo beautiful, I love this on my desktop! :)
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thank you!!!! :hug:
hope that ding doesn´t make any problems (damn windows) ;)
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Awesomeness! I really like this one! :D
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BEST OF BEST !!! THX !!![link]
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great clock but lacking in the appearance of a small detail. You can add an effect would be that these cards are more than one, for example, such a thing [link] or [link] and how you added it's the weather would be great. [link]
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thanks ;)
Its themeable so you may get creative and upload one to da...
I just tried to keep it minimalistic, not coding on it anymore but maybe someday i add in some other stuff
dude, you have no idea how long i've been looking for this, it's been a little over a couple of years, looking all over for an animated flipclock gadget, great job man you absolutely nailed it,
it's says beta though, does that mean that you're up for suggestions?
for one, you could maybe add some hinges, the ones that hold the plates together, and maybe add a stack effect for a little depth,
here check those out:
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Yeah i also never found a animated flipdown clock... so i started creating one ;)
Its "themeable" so you can attach your own style/needs to the clock...
Big thankies for the suggestion, lets see if i develop any further on this one, cuz it should run pretty smooth and bugfree.
how do i install it on xp?
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I guess it doesn't work until you find something that copys the original win 7 sidebar to xp
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Hey Rah2005. You did an EXCELLENT JOB !!!!!!! This is really great. Thanks a lot for your work and for sharing it !!!!
Something many of us would LOVE you to do, if possible :), is to have the option of having a "glass" background (to be used in the Aero themes). And also would be great to be able to select colors for the numbers (or even backgrounds). But I feel that the aero background is a MUST !!!. I know that we can change the "opacity"with a right click, but is not the same, cause you are also lowering the opacity of the numbers and we only want to do it with the background.
THANKS a lot for reading this and sorry if it sounds too much.
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