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Jinfengopteryx elegans

New Caledonian crows fashion sticks into harpoons and use them to snag tasty grubs out of holes and rotting wood. I wanted to draw a dinosaur using tools the same way, and I figured if any dinosaur was clever enough to figure it out, it would be a troodontid. So here is Jinfengopteryx elegans, a small troodontid from China that lived around 122 million years ago. This was my first serious foray into paleo art and though I admit I took some liberties with the flora, I tried to be as accurate as I could with the dinosaur. :iconqilong: helped me out a lot with the anatomy (many thanks!)
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You made this dinosaur gorgeous. The colors on the Jinfengopteryx are something I think would be seen on a predator that would need to be camouflaged to survive. I see beauty and also ferociousness all rolled into one. Beauty because the colors that you gave this dinosaur are elegant and attractive to the eye. Ferociousness because as beautiful as this dinosaur may be, he still is a killer even though he is depicted eating the grub. I also really love the warm lighting and the little bits of cool lighting that you have put into this artwork; it gives a natural feel to the whole picture. I like how you have put different types of flora into the picture that might have been around during the time period that Jinfengopteryx lived. My favorites are the ferns and ginkgo leaves. They really are neat, especially the ferns because you gave them a soft, fuzziness that I don't normally see on pictures that include these types of ferns. The detail is beautiful and accurate and I love the colors that you have put on every part of this artwork. I don't think you have done anything inaccurate in this artwork and I really love how well done it is. It's so inspiring to see something like this pop-up in my inbox and I'm sure others really enjoy seeing your artworks and are inspired too. This is a stunning piece of art! Keep up the good work *rah-bop! ^^
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Cool idea - and wow, this painting is impressively detailed! Love the plumage of the dinosaur and the sense of depth you created with the surrounding plants!

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That’s a pretty interesting idea, seems realistic to think some of the smarter Dino’s using tools just like the smart modern day birds 
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You have done an amazing job keep up the great work!
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very cool! I love it!
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Beautiful! Art like this deserves more appreciation.

We do not need larger, hypercarnivorous theropods fashioning weapons to kill prey.
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No wonder this is in All Your Yesterdays!
Absolutely amazing!!! Your drawing is practically perfect. My only small gripe is the speculation involved. As an aspiring paleontologist, I feel I must stress that while Trodontids are the most intelligent non-avian dinosaur, they barely have an intelligence level on par with the least intelligent avian dinosaurs (birds). This means that highly sophisticated behaviors seen only in the most intelligent avian dinosaurs (crows) is highly improbable to be seen non-avian dinosaurs. Sorry, if science is a total buzzkill. Your drawing is still fantastic nevertheless.
Seesm like Crocdilies also use Tools
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Yep, you're right! It's probably pretty unlikely that any dinosaurs used tools like this, troodontid or otherwise! It is still fun to imagine, though. While I tried my best to make it look at least physically accurate, I am not suggesting that this behavior is any way indicative of real life. I genuinely just did this because it was fun and not because I was trying to prove anything.

Thank you for saying something! I am happy to hear from people who are passionate about dinosaurs! :D
Thanks for the reply. I know with so many gaps in the fossil record, it can be so fun speculating to fill in the gaps. When interning at Harvard's Paleoecology lab in June, I myself was guiltyof it XD . You're a great artist, much better than the penciled sketches I do and I hope you stick with it.
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I just watched a video on New Caledonian crows. I wonder if dromaeosaurids might have done that, too!
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Soooooo pretty!
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Brilliant! I love it!
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This is amazing!  I love the feathers!  :D 
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Holy god damn this is good
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Found you through paleoillustration on Tumblr. I LOVE THIS IDEA. :D
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Fist i thought it was ludicrous for this creature to be using a tool but then i thought about how some birds today do this so this is not a big jump of logic at all.

Anyways the picture itself looks fantastic and it also makes you think. Well done.
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