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Hatoful Boyfriends

On a whim I made myself a set of Hatoful Boyfriends out of epoxy. Each one is about the size of a bean.

I love this game with all my heart.
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!!! You are incredible and as are your skills and tastes. <3
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The most adoreable things I've seen in a long time
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Man, wish I could buy these. Look amazing!
Stardust-Thief's avatar
I need them all in my life <3 I can't get over how well done is Ryouta, hus plumage seems hard to get right but you did it excellently!  
ThePfoneGuy's avatar
Tiny things make me so happy. :3
frostykeyhatter's avatar
These are so adorable!
MyPerfectPigeon's avatar
omgee I love these!
But just so you know, Sakuya and Yuuya are both fantails. :)
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You're right. If I ever sculpt them again I'll put the proper tails on them. :) Thanks for pointing this out.
KiRAWRa's avatar
I just got this game on sale, haha. Now I know what all the hubbub is about!
Such cutie little bean birds ouo
NycterisA's avatar
I still haven't played the game, but this is fantastic!!
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Hatoful Boyfriend is amazing, and so are these sculptures!  :D
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That is AMAZING! Those look so cute!
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Holy moly! These are so teeny and adorable!
TheGreatOmegaDragon's avatar
not played it myself but i love the feral pigeon and the red legged partridge!!
WindieDragon's avatar
Dear God that 4th one is amazing in every way, haha.
Niverdia's avatar
I only started playing this game today, and I am IN LOVE. 
This is that thing I never knew I needed in my life. :D
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What kind of paint did you use?

Great sculptures btw ^^
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I just used the cheapest, crappiest acrylic craft paint available.
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