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This is a panel I did for the Homestuck webcomic. I had so much fun with this and I feel truly lucky and grateful that I had a chance to participate in the creation of this webcomic that I love so much! 
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Awesome that you got to do this! What a neat opportunity, and it looks so pretty!
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Oh dang, I've been wondering for ages what everyone was freaking out on tumblr about! I never got very far when attempting to read through Homestuck, so I had no idea what "the update" was all about.
This is gorgeous though!
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oh dang! congrats! :3
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Wait...You do offical art for it? And I was just asking myself what's up with Homestuck lately °o° 

But looks awesome °o° And I really wonder what is going on there~
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rather than freezing baked
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*flails* Winding snake lane....♥
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i had no idea this was you :o congrats!
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Holy f*** that's impressive!
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Land of Frost and Frogs.))
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Eeee! So excited for you!
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