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Caridina cantonensis family tree



I have a confession: I really really really like.... shrimp. Shrimpkeeping is a thing. Boy is it ever.

There are many different kinds of shrimp that are kept in the hobby and their relationships to each other are sometimes complex and mysterious. In an effort to make it more clear I am trying to make family trees of some of the most common breeds starting with this species, Caridina cantonensis. This one shrimp is found with at least five different color morphs in the wild and from there hobbyists have selectively bred the crap out of it to create all of the different colors and patterns we have today. The beauty and variety make C. cantonensis a very popular shrimp.

Prints and posters of this diagram are available here.
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omg no way! ive been looking for the original source of this for ages after seeing it reposted on pinterest, and i found it randomly through the animal-anatomy group! nice shrimp :)