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The Gorillaz and Ragz are sitting around watching TV, when suddenly the doorbell rings.

Murdoc: Get the door Ragz.

Ragz: yeah yeah sure +keeps watching TV. +

Murdoc: He hits the back of her head- Go or else!

Ragz: Fine I'm going! -she complains opening the door.

Then suddenly when Ragz opened the door a female figure appeared in front of her. The bolts passing through Kong were terrifying.

Ragz: What the! Who are you? -she gasps looking at her.

The others began to head over there to see what's happening.

Gio: hi!-her smile got bigger in every second.

Murdoc: wtaf..

Noodle: hello!

2D:wadaffak?We don´t have money! Get out robber!!Don't ya dare touch mah Melodica!-2D is scared asf

Russel: Calm down, you’re scaring the poor girl!

Ragz: Yeah it looks like 2D is about to wet himself.

Murdoc: Who are you and what do you want? He tells Gio.

Gio: umm..I just want to say that I’m an obsessed Gorillaz fan...

Murdoc: tell us more...-Murdoc saw that 2D eyes came white, because his blood drained, and the black was gone...

Gio: I’m a reporter, and I’m looking for famous people houses, and I though it would be great if you guys show me Kong.

Murdoc-I already did MTV Cribs, mwahaha~

Gio-i guess they didn’t see the 1% of the real and scary Kong...

Murdoc: What happened to your eyes, face ache?

2D: Smiles and shrugs.

Ragz: The only scary thing here is Murdoc in his underwear-shudders.

Murdoc: Shut up Ragz- he hits her

Ragz: Don't hit me old ma-

Russel: Alright shoot, Do you want us to give you an interview and tour?

Noodle: Looks up at Gio and smiles

Gio-You got it Russ!-Gio smile's back to Noodle

Noodle- Hey Ragzu! Don' letú Maddoc hit u!

Murdoc-Ah sod off...

2D-someone please drug this man!

Murdoc-Watch'a said, Face Ache?-Murdoc violently pushes 2D and he falls on the couch.

Noodle-Hey guys! Stopú!

Russel try to put Murdoc away from 2D, but it was too late, 2D was unconscious and his eyes and nose were bleeding (again)...

Ragz: Murdoc you're embarrassing you’re self in front of the interviewer! -Ragz yells looking scared.

Russel, pins Murdoc down- Eh Gio Ragz and Noodle will give you a tour, just follow them.

Murdoc: Let go you fat arse

Ragz: Come! - pulls Gio by her arm.

Noodle: Looks worried back at 2D-Touchi ok?

Gio-Murdoc is a bitch! Why he does this to 'D?

Noodle-He's a fát arsú. Letsu gó Ragz andu Gio, don´t be scaredú of tha dímons they will be spitted outú!

Ragz, Gio and Noodle started they're adventure into the absolutely obscure "gigantic disused haunted studios in the middle of nowhere".

Ragz: So I'll show you 2D's room first.

Noodle: Veru funu!

Ragz: Yeah Murdoc is a jerk, but it's cause he's drunk, you know? is toochie's ruum.Be carefúl, Dr. Wurzel can appearú anytime!

Gio-wow, there are lots of keyboards!

Ragz: Yeah 2D's kinda weird with the keyboards... Actually I'm more afraid of Murdoc then Wurzel-heh!

Noodle: Runs around smiling as she plays with one of the keyboards.

Ragz: Feel free to look around, you can touch anything and have the ultimate 2D experience!

Russel: He comes in caring the knocked out 2D and puts him on his bed- Enjoy the tour Gio.…

Gio touched and grabbed most things she could and took pics of everything suddenly she took a photo of another photo.

gio-Who's she?i didn't know 2D had a girlfriend.

Noodle-*sighs*téll herú,Ragzú.

Ragz: That is Paula, 2D's ex girlfriend and ex Gorillaz guitarist who cheated on him with-

Noodle: Murdoco! -she interrupts

Ragz: This is adult stuff Noodle! Anyhow yeah she was kicked out of the band after Russel beat up Murdoc and was replaced by-

Noodle: Nooduru!

Gio-She's a brat!Why someone could cheat on 2D?

Noodle-In Ráisu of thí Ogér (Ogre), she saidú Toochie was toô ,like,so..,he was very sweet,but too much.


So Ragz,Noodle and Gio got out of Stu Pot's bedroom,and they saw the Carpark.

Ragz: Oh ho! This is my favorite place!- she runs ahead to Murdoc's Winnebago.

Noodle: Murdoco lives heru!

Ragz: You are about to enter the liar of the Satan Bass player, Woman Slayer, Murdoc Faust Niccals!- she anounces gesturing towards the door.

Gio,Ragz and Noodle got into the winnebago,wich was very disgusting,especially in the bathroom.

Gio-This place smells AWFUL!I think i'm gonna die *deeep breath*

Noodle-It'sú véry normaru.

Ragz: Holds her nose and looks around smilling - don't touch anything you might get a disease!

Noodle: Runs over and turns on the uv light in murdoc's room.

Ragz: Hew heh! She laughs.

Gio-Uh!Uv light!i dont know why he use it .But is great!

Noodle,cant stop smiling

Noodle-letsú usit bifór Maddoc see us!

Ragz: Let's go to Noodle's Room!

Noodle: Noodleru!

Ragz: Leads them out, So um who's your favorite Gorilla?

Gio:i think i can't tell you in front of Noodle...


Gio:*whispers*~2D and Noodle~

Gio opened the right door.A loud voice said:

ITS DARE!!!!!!!!!!

Noodle started jumping,swinging and dancing,while se sings to DARE.Ragz and Gio danced a lot.

Gio:well,i think i need to go to the toilet.

Ragz and Noodle came with her,y' know,Kong is NOT that reliable.

Ragz: Keep your eyes peeled for any Murdocs.

In the Kong Studio toilets!

Noodle: Is washing her hands.

Ragz: Pretends to wash her hands too-So no Ragz? 2D and Noodle huh?

Gio:omg,you too Ragz!

Noodle:Maddoc is such á pervý ,trustú me

Ragz and Gio found a little demon defacing the toilets with grafitti "Murdoc must die"

Gio:I bet Murdoc resolve these problems with these demons.I already saw Noodle picking lots of them by their tails.


Them,Ragz ,Noodz and Gio went to the music room.

Ragz: It's not that I have anything against the Murd, but the little demon had a point, you know?

Noodle: Plays around on 2D's piano.


Inthe music room,while Noodle was playing one of the lots of keyboards of 2D,they saw bells,basses,guitars,melodicas,triangles,the whole fucking thing that could make sound.

But what a mess

Ragz: Uh- I hope Murdoc doesn't see the mess or he'll make me clean.

Noodle: Giggles at the naughty picture

Ragz: Don't look at that, punk kid!…

Gio:Iek,naked guys.

They arrived to the kitchen.

*phone rings*



Ragz opened the trash's top and ..

Gio -A cookie monster smoking?

Noodle ugh

Ragz: Slams the lid back down- oh ship!

Noodle: Cookie!

Ragz: Um just pretend you didn't see that!

Finally,the last place...Russel's bedroom.

Noodel:why such conspiretiún wiv' Rassoul's ruum?

We don't know....



Ragz: So this is Russel's room, pretty cool huh? Why's he have a mirror up there?…

Gio-Mr. Softy's Baloon Race!It's a tune 2D made to Russ when he was very depressed!I luv' tha tune


Ragz saw a photo, she picks it up and looks at it-hey guys look!



Ragz: Heh wonder who it is! she laughs.


Noodle:WHO IS THIS????????WHO IS THISSSS!?!?!?

Noodle surprised, takes the photo from Ragz hands*


Gio-Carmelitta,from Cetral America..hmpf

Noodle dispared to find Ruus*

Gio-Comeback ,Noodle!

Ragz: Ohh who's this Carmelita? she chuckles before following after Noodle, come Gio!

Noodle ran as fast as she could, and she got back to the Lobby Entrance.


She looked behind her and saw Gio and Ragz running like they were killing theirselves.


When she looked back to front,she bumped into 2D,that felt quickly on the big floor.

Noodle-2D!*Gio and Ragz were coming ,and suddenly,Gio pushed her away from 2D with her left arm ,and Ragz with the right one.

Noodle-LÉTÚ ME GÓ!

*Russel and Murdoc arrived to the Lobby*

Russ-What is...*Russel looked with his big eyes to the pic Noodle had in her hands,he pushed the pic away from her.

Russ-That.that's PRIVATE man!

Gio and Ragz_Who is she?WE WANT TO KNOW!*Gio put her microphone in front of Russ' mouth.

Russ-It..hã..she's a friend from Costa Rica!Carmelita is my friend since ages!

Noodle was left on the ground,Gio and Ragz let her go,and Noodz felt on the floor,2D was below Noodle's body.


Ragz: Come on Russel, you can tell us!

2D: Carmelita, huh? -he asks smiling while standing up.

Noodle: Russu! -She cries trying to get him to tell them.

Murdoc: What's all this about then Russel? Somethin we should now about?

Russel: Mind your business Muds, she's just a good friend.

Ragz: How good of a friend? Would you say girlfriend-heh?

Gio-Noodle stop screaming!


2D: Ya giving me a headache! he complains clutching his head.





Gio and Ragz-Skype?poor Russ.

Russ-It's fine,at least i have the best family ever!*hugs everybody,except Gio*

Russel-Gio,i have a proposal for ya..

Gio: What is it?

Russel go to an alone room with all the family,except for gio*

Russel-Let's vote-who wants to keepGio here,like...a family?

Ragz: Raises her hand- Come on 2D raise your hand!

2D: Raises both of his hands-I Do Russel!

Noodle: Me too

Murdoc: Er um er um er....

Ragz: He means yes!

Murdoc: Shut up Ragz, don't answer for me. Er sure Russel.


Russ-erm...Gio,Ragz has something to tell you...

Ragz: Ragz? Cool, I get to do the honors! So Gio we were wondering if you'd like to-

Noodle: runs over to Gio and hugs her- stay!

Gio-s-s-stay?OF COURSE!

Noodle!YAY!!níu friendó!

and they live crazylly ever after.

This is an RP GPopcorn4Food and I wrote. She has also made a wonderful drawing to go along with it RP with Ragzd


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